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How to maintain your event staff - Rosterfy


Rosterfy is a scalable, end to end solution for volunteer and workforce management programs worldwide. It can reduce attrition by managing volunteers and paid staff, simplifying the processes around application, skill recognition, allocation of shifts, and payroll (if relevant). It also will notify you of withdrawals and will assist in the location of staff to cover shifts quickly and easily.  

Rosterfy Client Success Coordinator, Kariah White says, “Rosterfy has largely eased the pain of attrition with the platform providing better statistics per shift and notifications for any withdrawals. An example can be seen with current Rosterfy client, The Starlight Foundation. After utilising Rosterfy The Starlight Foundation have increased their events and volunteers by approximately 150% whilst continuing to retain and expand.”

So how do you improve retention within your workforce?

Here are some notable points that Rosterfy utilises to help maintain volunteers and staff:

  • Inductions, training and additional development in conjunction with a strong marketing campaign are all vital to keeping your volunteers engaged between the recruitment stage until their first shift.
  • Volunteer rewards, recognition and incentives in exchange for fulfilling opportunities
  • Simplify the volunteer registration process and sign up stage
  • Over-recruit to cater for withdrawals
  • Include a flexible schedule to enable individual preferences to increase volunteer satisfaction, productivity and motivated commitment

Eliminating the occurrence of staff or volunteers dropping out of events is impossible. However, decreasing the likelihood of it happening is, and so is implementing a system that will make the recovery from withdrawals as painless as possible and as easy to remedy as possible. Rosterfy is your go to platform for all your workforce management needs.