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10 Trends in Workforce Management (1)

10 Workforce Management Trends for 2022

With such a dramatic shift in the ways organizations are recruiting, engaging and retaining their volunteer and casual workforce, this white paper aims to highlight the best trends to embrace.

Value of Volunteering Image (1)

Value of Volunteering White Paper

Better understand the true value of volunteers with the ability to quantify the ROI of investing in your volunteer management program.

Cities & Local Government White Paper

Cities & Local Government White Paper

Take a closer look at the reasons why cities and local governments should consider investing in a centralized volunteer model, through real life examples and case studies. 

White Paper

Rosterfy COVID Volunteer Compliance White Paper

Plan for a return to volunteering that is COVID compliant including custom registration forms, online check in and out, training and COVID passports.

White Paper (2) - 1

Rosterfy COVID Volunteer Handbook    

Practical strategies that organizations can employ to recruit, engage and empower their volunteers, using technology to get through COVID and beyond. 

White Paper (3) - 1

USA Universities & Colleges White Paper

Discover best practice when it comes to student volunteer engagement and the long term career benefits, volunteering delivers for students. 

White Paper (4) - 1

Major Event Workforce Management White Paper

Learn from 10 leading experts in mass workforce management about how to execute a successful end to end workforce program.

UK Charitable Sector White Paper - 1

UK Charitable Sector White Paper

Taking a closer look at the current and future state of volunteering in the UK. The non-profit & charity sector is the quiet achiever of the British economy, contributing to 3% of the UK's total workforce.  

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