Rosterfy and Youngcare unite

Rosterfy and not-for-profit organisation, Youngcare will proudly be working together to centralise workforce management for their fundraising events.

Rosterfy and not-for-profit organisation, Youngcare will proudly be working together in 2020 to centralise workforce management for their fundraising events.

Having previously managed their volunteer workforce largely through spreadsheets, Youngcare are excited to provide their volunteers with a more customised, technology driven solution that will allow them to better engage with their community.

Why they made the switch to Rosterfy

Youngcare Event Manager, Candice Dixon said, “We’re really excited to integrate Rosterfy into our volunteer management process.”

“To date, our volunteers have been managed through our fundraising platform, which has limited functionality with regards to workforce management. Our team is spending too long in spreadsheets, manually entering data and following up on documentation, which could be better spent engaging and developing long lasting relationships with our volunteers.” Dixon said. 

Youngcare hosts a broad range of events with around 10 signature internal events per annum with a further 50 beneficiary external events year round that utilise Youngcare’s volunteers. 

In addition to the more obvious benefits of a centralised volunteer management platform, Youngcare are also looking forward to using Rosterfy to help cleanse their data and ensure that the volunteers on their database are engaged and active. This will be achieved through more personalised communication and reporting in the form of tracking open rates, attendance at events and surveys post event. 

“One of the reasons we’re really excited to move to Rosterfy is that our current system has so many ghosts that haven’t volunteered for years now, so we’re keen to re-engage (through Rosterfy) and get a clearer idea of our number of active volunteers.” Dixon said. 

The team at Rosterfy share Youngcare’s enthusiasm. “Youngcare is such a wonderful organisation that is doing great things for the community,” said Rosterfy’s Co-Founder, Shannan Gove. 

“The beauty of our product is that it's flexible in its scalability, so Rosterfy will be able to be utilised for Youngcare’s big and small events alike. With a digital platform in place, Youngcare will have the ability to recruit, train and recognise their volunteers in a more time efficient manner, whilst providing a more personalised experience for their volunteer," Gove said. 

With their flagship event returning after a five-year hiatus, Youngcare’s The Bolt 2020 will require a large contingent of volunteers, with Rosterfy in place to help ensure their volunteers are an engaged workforce.

 If you’d like to learn more about how Rosterfy can help you manage your volunteers through a volunteer management solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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