Plans to match
your needs.

We've made choosing volunteer management software easier by empowering you to pick a plan based on your needs.

  • Choose the number of Admins you need
    If you require 'Lite Users'
  • Pick your Volunteer Capacity
  • SMS Send Capacity
  • Includes Onboarding Support
Simple Pricing

Included with all plans


Up to 10 Admins

Full Access to Edit and Manage your system.

Add more on request.


Volunteer Capacity

Capacity to manage up to 500 volunteers.

Scalable to over 10,000+



Onboarding support included.

Additional support is available for large programs.

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Additional Admins, Volunteer Capacity and Onboarding Support is available on request

We offer discounted rates for Non-Profit organisations click here to find out more

Scale up and increase the impact of your Rosterfy plan

Lite Users

Add Lite Users to your plan

Why Lite Users on Rosterfy are a 'Game Changer'

A key reason why large scale Charities, Non-Profits and Sporting Federations choose Rosterfy is our ability to empower your volunteer managers, across multiple locations and various shifts.

3 Game Changing Benefits...

  • Offer a hierarchy of permissions and duties 
  • Reduce the pressure on your central office
  • Manage on a store by store, shift by shift basis.

Improve your communication with
SMS Messages through Rosterfy

Increase engagement and improve the attendance rates of your volunteers with professional, well timed, SMS messages.

Inform your volunteers of new shifts and opportunities or simply use them as a final reminder to show for their next volunteering position.

Spend less time worrying about volunteer attendance and more time improving the quality of your volunteer program with SMS message through Rosterfy.

SMS messaging

Add SMS Messaging to your plan

Volunteer Capacity

Pick Volunteer Capacity based on your needs

Rosterfy offers several tiers of volunteer capacity allowing you to scale your operation as your needs change.

Whether you've got a couple of thousand volunteers in your database or hundreds of thousands, Rosterfy can help you manage your teams at scale.

How to pick your capacity?

  • Speak to use about your current database size
  • Let us help you plan for program for the future
  • Adjust your plan as your needs change

Lite Users

Give team members the ability to create and manage shifts


Volunteer Capacity

Increase the total capacity of volunteers in your platform


SMS Capacity

The amount of SMS and message you can send to volunteers


Additional Lite Users, Volunteer Capacity and SMS messages are available on request

Each year over 10 million hours of volunteering is managed through Rosterfy


Why Rosterfy?

Find out why so many Non-Profit Organisations, Charities and Sporting Federations choose to manage their volunteers through Rosterfy.

Recruit, Retain, Reward and Train volunteers on the most configurable software platform available.

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