Introducing our mobile app!

You asked and we delivered.

Rosterfy's new mobile app, empowers volunteers to take control of their volunteer experience, any place, any time, from the palm of their hands. 

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Better connect your volunteers to your organisation.

Make volunteering simple. Notify volunteers of new opportunities, empower them to complete  training inductions and communicate in real-time with Rosterfy's mobile app.

Accurate Data

Empower your volunteers to make changes to their volunteer profile to ensure that you have the right details on file.

Push Notifications

Notify volunteers about upcoming opportunities or changes to their shifts through Push Notifications.

Browse & Apply for Opportunities

Allow your volunteers to search for opportunities by area, interest and availability and submit an application with a click of a button.


Collect important screening information and allow your volunteers to sign waivers all from the mobile app.

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Intuitive and easy to use

Volunteers of all ages will find Rosterfy's app clean and simple to navigate. From updating their personal details to browsing opportunities and completing onboarding, volunteering has never been simpler.

Available for both Android and iOS users, Rosterfy's mobile app has been designed with volunteers at the forefront to maximise productivity and engagement. 

Change the way volunteers search for opportunities

Create opportunities and place them in the palm of your volunteers hands. 

Allow volunteers to search via location, dates and their interests to ensure that your organisation stands out from the crowd.

Rosterfy App (8)
Rosterfy App (9)

Drive volunteer registrations

Volunteers can scroll away on the Rosterfy app and apply for opportunities that appeal to them.

With live alerts, volunteers will receive push notifications when an opportunity becomes available, increasing your organisations visibility and driving interest in your program. 

Amplify your opportunities via Rosterfy Community

Rosterfy Community is a world first volunteer marketplace, connecting thousands of volunteers to an array of opportunities within their area. 

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Complete inductions and training on the go

Make it simple for your volunteers to complete training and inductions with the ability to complete induction training modules and sign waivers all from the convenience of the Rosterfy app. 

Empower volunteers to manage their experience

Tired of volunteers emailing to request changes to their shift? Why not empower them to do it themselves. 

From viewing upcoming shifts, accepting or rejecting role offers to withdrawing from a scheduled shift, volunteers can make changes as required. 

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Rosterfy App (11)

Make check in simple

Another benefit of our mobile app? Volunteers will have their own QR code, which can be scanned by Team Leaders or Volunteer Managers to make check in a breeze. 

Keen to learn more?

Book a demo today to learn more Rosterfy's volunteer app and other great features. 

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