The Tools You Love. Seamlessly Integrated With Rosterfy.

From background checking tools to fundraising launchpads. Social sharing channels to accessibility extensions.

Rosterfy seamlessly integrates with your favourite platforms, tools and volunteer engagement extensions.

Rosterfy Integrations (4)

Connect Rosterfy to Market-Leading Tools

Rosterfy seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular and widely used software platforms, creating a more efficient end-to-end solution.

Adobe Sign Logo
Adobe Sign

In the click of a button you can sync documents signed with Adobe Sign with your records in Rosterfy.

That means you don't have to wait to retrieve documents that could have been a show stopper. 

Airtable logo

Airtable is used for Marketing, Product Operations, and more for nearly anything, from tracking cattle to planning an event to tracking sales leads.

Rosterfy integrates with Airtable to send data from Rosterfy modules to Airtable 'tables'.

Blackbaud Logo

Blackbaud is the world's leading software provider and marketplace for social good. 

Rosterfy is proud to integrate with Blackbaud so you can sync your volunteer information and remove the need for double entry.

Integrations Logos (9)

If you want seamless digital document signature sign off and you need to link those documents with your volunteer information, that’s where the DocuSign and Rosterfy integration can help you.

Deel Logo

Deel is a payroll provider that pays into a person's bank account.

For a given payrun Rosterfy will add timesheet entries into Deel.

Integrations Logos (1)

Rosterfy and Eloomi integration allows you to synchronise training completion status with your volunteer records.

When training is complete communications can be triggered so both you and your volunteers are fully updated on their progress. 

Integrations Logos (4)

Need to validate a UK postcode? Rosterfy and Fetchify integration will ensure you are using reliable data.

If you’re sending out volunteer packs, updated communication or even just a thank you note, with Fetchify and Rosterfy you can ensure it’s going to the correct address. 

GivenGain Logo

Why wait to set up volunteer fundraising? 

Empower your volunteers to easily start fundraising for your causes straight away with Rosterfy and GivenGain integration. 

Integrations Logos (6)

Keep your volunteers close and effortlessly sync your CRM data with Rosterfy and Hubspot.

Any updates to volunteer details are automatically sent to your CRM so you can maintain a consistent contact list.

Instagram Logo

Engage with your volunteers and bring your events and causes to life with Rosterfy and Instagram.

Simple to set up and can be done in minutes, it will allow your volunteers to easily share photos and video content of your events.

Charity Logos (4)

Rosterfy and Loqate have integrated so you can add address verification to your volunteer management.

This ensures you always have the most reliable and up to date address information.

Integrations Logos

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing delivery systems on the market.

Rosterfy offers integration with Mailchimp so you can send newsletters, offers and email communications to your
volunteer lists.

Integrations Logos (2)
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Synchronise your CRM data between Rosterfy and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Updates to fields in Rosterfy can
be automatically sent to you CRM contact list.

Integrations Logos (3)
Microsoft Teams

Commonly used for virtual meetings and interviews, Rosterfy’s integration with Microsoft Teams mean you can create calendar invites for your volunteers and easily arrange online meetings when a shift is confirmed.

Microkeeper logo

Microkeeper is integrated workforce management and payroll software. Onboard staff, create rosters, track timesheets and pay employees. All in one place.

Nation Builder

Nation Builder provides a community engagement platform to help people mobilize their communities and lead them to action

Rosterfy’s integration with Nation Builder will allow to get all the benefits of managing volunteers with Rosterfy while connecting to your wider Nation Builder supporter base.

PayPal Logo

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send and receive money or make an online payment.

Transfer money online in seconds with PayPal money transfer. 


Salesforce is one of the world’s leading CRM systems.

Rosterfy’s integration with Salesforce will allow to get all the benefits of managing volunteers with Rosterfy while connecting to your wider Salesforce ecosystem.

Partners (1)
SAP Litmos

Synchronise your SAP Litmos training courses with Rosterfy so when new volunteers are assigned they can access your full range of courses.

When the training is complete their record is updated and any automated communication on their progress is sent.


SendGrid offers exceptional email marketing opportunities for businesses.

We’ve integrated with them so you can synchronise your volunteer details and easily create email newsletters and news updates.

Integrations Logos (1)

SendinBlue is a popular email and digital marketing platform.

Rosterfy’s integration with them helps you send your email communications and marketing campaign materials effortlessly.


Our integration with Slack means you're able to receive notifications on inbound SMS volunteer booking and withdrawals.


Splunk is a leading security visibility platform and Rosterfy’s integration allows you to have a complete picture of your organisation’s volunteer security states and
monitor activity.

Sterling Volunteers
Sterling Volunteers

Sterling Volunteers are a global background screening company mobilising repeat, vetted volunteers.


Accept payments from volunteers and candidates through our new Stripe integration

UserWay Logo
User Way

Accessibility is very important for many of your volunteers. That’s why we’ve chosen to integrate with UserWay, the number one accessibility solution for improved UI and compliance.

Charity Logos (3)
Wiz Team

Rosterfy’s integration with Wiz Teams allows data to be updated on volunteers regarding background checks, accreditations and the status of their passes for check-in scans.

Charity Logos (2)
Zero One

Zero One offers clients an interactive eLearning solution to help expand on new and existing training programs.


Connect With Your Favourite Tools

Each and every event is unique and with that comes unique requirements.

Rosterfy offers customisation and flexibility to ensure that your volunteer management program gets the most out of your experience with additional features including:

  • Partner integrations including accreditation
  • Branded Communication and Volunteer Portal customisation
  • Payroll integrations
  • Advanced automations
  • Database migrations

We're here to help you achieve your goals