The Engaged Volunteer Podcast

 Bringing together leaders from around the world to learn more about volunteer management

The Engaged Volunteer Podcast

Are you a volunteer or workforce manager? Keen to learn more about how some of the biggest and most successful events, non-profits and organizations utilize volunteers to engage with their communities?

Then join Rosterfy's Shannan Gove and Phillip Gbormittah on The Engaged Volunteer Podcast, bringing together dedicated volunteers and volunteer managers around the world to share their journey and learnings along the way. With new episodes released fortnightly, this season of the podcast will play host to some of the world's best in workforce management including FIFA, The Super Bowl and SXSW just to name a few.

Available Episodes - Season 3

Jenny Betterridge & Shruti Saujani_Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #1: Dreaming big - connecting communities through community sport.
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Available Episodes - Season 2

Elke Koehnke _Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #1: All the colours of volunteering
Amanda Jenkins _Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #2: Engaging volunteers through an international sporting federation
Mike Nishi _Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #3: Ensuring a community legacy!
Karina Herold_Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #4: Connecting communities through volunteers.
Tom Bowkett_Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #5: Freelancing in the world of events
Corina Sadler
EPISODE #6: Creating a successful youth volunteer program.
Jenne Myers
EPISODE #7: Connecting people of difference through volunteering
Elena Laguna_Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #8: Adapting to the changing landscape of volunteers.

Available Episodes - Season 1

Lisa Urban
EPISODE #1: Building the Volunteer Management Program for the Super Bowl with Lisa Urban
Tracey ONeil_Image_The Engaged Volunteer Podcast (3)
EPISODE #2: Not 'just' a Volunteer with Tracey O'Neill
Jack Coles _Image_The Engaged Volunteer Podcast (3)
EPISODE #3: From Volunteer to Head of Staffing at FIFA with Jack Coles
Tami Richter_Image_The Engaged Volunteer Podcast
EPISODE #4: Volunteer diversity. The key to a successful event with Tami Richter, SXSW. 
Ayden Shaw
EPISODE #5: Embracing Opportunities with Ayden Shaw
Taryn Evans
EPISODE #6: The Experience Business with Taryn Evans
Bron Parry
EPISODE #7: The Greatest Team with Bron Parry
Chris Randle _Image_ The Engaged Volunteer Podcast (1)
EPISODE #8: Commercializing your volunteer management program with Chris Randle

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