All your volunteer reporting needs in one place

Eliminate the hassle of manually sifting through data to understand your volunteer program's performance.

Rosterfy provides your team with the ability to pull custom reports with the click of a button. From volunteer demographics and the status of your roster through to reporting on diversity and inclusion, Rosterfy's real time automated reports make  reporting simple.

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Dynamic, flexible and intuitive reporting

Centralise your data and make pulling reports simple, with Rosterfy's impressive custom reports and dashboards. 


Setup your reports to suit your needs with the ability to have live updates featured on reports and dashboards. 


Report on everything from volunteer attendance and the status of completed training through to volunteer demographics and diversity and inclusion.


Set up automations to pull reports at a certain time of day and share them via email to your broader team. 


Utilise your volunteer data to reward and recognise your volunteers contributions through automated messages, certificates and prizes. 


Real time volunteer dashboards

Create custom dashboards that provide oversight into the status of your roster including the number of volunteers or staff who have checked in across various roles, events or locations.

Make changes to your roster and communicate these changes in real time to ensure that you're covered across your entire event or program.

Over 100 million hours of volunteering have been managed
through Rosterfy


Report on diversity and inclusion

Making volunteering accessible to all is integral to ensuring successful volunteer programs.

Capture important data about your volunteers including gender, ethnicity and geography to help your organisation better understand if how they are performing with regard to inclusivity. This can be done by automated reports or live dashboards, which provide an accurate overview of your program.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Report on impact and hours seamlessly

Understanding your volunteer program's impact is key to scaling and ensuring future funding.

From the amount of time your volunteers contribute to the tangible impact they deliver (i.e planted trees in your community), Rosterfy helps organisations understand their impact.

Report on impact

Integrate with our partners for enhanced visibility

While Rosterfy's reporting offers great oversight to your program, we also offer the opportunity to integrate with data visualisation tools like PowerBI to further enhance operational visibility.

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What you should measure from your volunteer program

Take your fundraising to a new level, give your stakeholders more insight into your program and improve the engagement with your volunteers.


Track engagement with your volunteers

Track your email open rates, click-through rates and bounces, all from within your Rosterfy account.

Use this data to send reminders to volunteers who haven't completed actions or opened their emails, ensuring you target the right group without spamming those who've already completed their tasks.

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Tampa Bay Super Bowl Case Study

"One of my favourite features of Rosterfy, and I legitimately call it my administrative assistant, is the reproting feature. 

Lisa Urban

Director of Community Program, Tampa Bay Super Bowl LIV


Manage expense claims

Both volunteers and the volunteer management teams can easily access a comprehensive report of expense claims.

Create custom reports or set it up as part of an automated workflow to ensure that all of your volunteers expense claims are actioned seamlessly and efficiently. 

Expense claims
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Questions Around Reporting

Can I create my own custom reports?

Yes. Our customers love that they can create their own custom reports, specific to their requirements.

Choose from a selection of fields and display your reports in a format that works for you and your team. 

Can you create template reports?

Yes. Rosterfy allows you to save your favourite reports as templates so that you're not starting from scratch each time. Need the same report daily? Use our automations functionality to setup regenerative reports to ensure that reports are ready when you need them. 

Does Rosterfy have a Geofencing solution?

Yes. Rosterfy allows you to validate hours volunteered with accuracy using our geofencing solution. To learn more about geofencing, click here

Does Rosterfy allow you to create timesheet reports?

Yes! Rosterfy is great for reporting on volunteer and paid workforce timesheets. With our ability to facilitate check-in and check-out onside, timesheets are accurate and easy to reference to evaluate the success of your program.

Are you able to create reports based on specific filters?

Yes! Rosterfy enables you to filter against certain events, skills, shifts and/groups to pull reports specific to these filters.