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Reduce admin and create a seamless, engaging experience to support your volunteer program.

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Highly Configurable. Super Effective.

Make great things happen when you focus your time and efforts on supporting your cause and not the admin.

Simpilfied Scheduling

Schedule volunteer shifts and keep everyone informed where and when they are needed.

Effective Onboarding

Get all your volunteers off to a great start by automating your onboarding process.

Reliable Reporting

Reporting on Rosterfy means you'll have endless data at your fingertips.

SMS & Emails

Automations trigger follow up messages to volunteers through SMS and Email.

Check-in Check-out

Super simple check-in and check-out of volunteers reduces complexity.

Operational Visibility

No more working in the dark. Our platform gives you greater visibility of your program.

Track Attendance

What's your attendance rate and who's arrived for each shift? With Rosterfy you'll know.

Automate Tasks

Automation helps your team focus on the cause and not the admin.

Charities, Non-Profit Organisations and Sporting Federations who use Rosterfy


Go Beyond Scheduling

Every volunteer management software platform offers shift scheduling but how many can offer automated scheduling based on groups and roles?

Rosterfy empowers your team to create groups of volunteers based on their skills, location, interests and more. 

No more searching for the right credentials. You can make sure your deploying a diverse, inclusive and qualified volunteering team to every opportunity with Rosterfy.

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Do more with less

By automating more tasks through Rosterfy, you and those people supporting your cause will be able to direct their energy towards making a difference.

For many Rosterfy customers this is our standout feature and what sets us apart from the rest. Our customers save hours every week with our automations.


Spend less time creating shifts and opportunities

Rosterfy's Opportunity Manager helps you easily manage your volunteer opportunities and shifts in one easy-to-use platform.

Display all your shifts or use filters to get a specific view suited to your needs.

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Create a great Volunteer Experience

Improve the effectiveness of your volunteer recruitment and engagement by creating professionally delivered communication.

Give volunteers the type of experience they will want to talk about and refer to others.


A single source of truth

How many active volunteers do you have? How many hours do they offer your cause each week or each month?

Build a complete picture of the impact your volunteer program is making, share insights with your team and stakeholders with Rosterfy.

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How we help you manage your volunteer groups

User groups on Rosterfy help group certain volunteers together helping you easily see the number of people you have in your database matching certain criteria you choose.

They also allow you to control what opportunities or communications they receive from you - and the best bit is they are easy to set up with Rosterfy.

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One Platform.

Multiple Volunteer Management Challenges Solved.

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Brave. Inclusive. Reliable. Innovative. Respected.  

Our values are the foundation of what we are as a business. Everyone here at Rosterfy is dedicated to providing our customers with expectational value while pushing boundaries to make things better.

Bring Volunteer Management to Life
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“Rosterfy makes communication with volunteers easy and simple.”

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