Volunteer Recruitment Redefined

Our step-by-step process for volunteers helps you fill every role. Build a database of engaged volunteers and ensure you can measure the impact of your program.

Rosterfy is redefining volunteer recruitment.

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We are proud to empower the volunteer programs for these organizations and more...


Improved Volunteer Recruitment

The modern day volunteer expects the highest quality from the organisations they support. That means giving them a seamless experience from the moment they discover your volunteer opportunities to the day they complete their first shift.

Rosterfy is redefining the volunteer recruitment journey for both the person offering their time and the volunteer coordinating team managing the program.

Volunteer Profiles, instant access to their volunteering history and clear step-by-step onboarding, completely automated by Rosterfy.


Step-by-Step Applications

Guide your volunteers through their recruitment journey with ease by using Rosterfy. 

Our automated system allows you to create unique experiences ensuring every check is made, every training session is complete and everyone, from the volunteers themselves to your coordinating team, knows exactly how their application is progressing.


Create Groups of Volunteers

Filling volunteer vacancies with individuals with particular skills, passed screening credentials or availability preferences requires a lot of time and effort from your volunteer coordinators.

Rosterfy has simplified this by empowering you to create volunteer groups. These groups can be made out of any criteria you decide, so when you need a particular person, you can quickly find them and assign them to a position. 


Volunteer Portals

The secret to better volunteer recruitment is removing friction. Make it easy for volunteers to offer their time by giving them greater visibility of all the opportunities you have available.

Unique user groups will help you display the right opportunities based on their availability and skills, saving you time and improving operational efficiency.


Automated Communication

With so many moving parts, those working to support your volunteer program can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of emails, SMS and phone calls they need to make. 

Automating the recruitment with Rosterfy means volunteers receive bespoke messages at the right time throughout their journey.

Ensure your team is spending more time supporting your cause and less time writing emails by using Rosterfy.

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Rosterfy offers an easy-to-navigate, user friendly volunteer management system, particularly on the volunteer side which is incredibly important to us. We don't need to make things more complex than they need to be”

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Rosterfy saves us around 15 minutes every volunteer application that's a significant amount of time saving across the volunteering functions”

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Measure Your Impact

Stop working in the dark. Give your stakeholders, team members and volunteers greater visibility of the impact you're making, the total hours contributed and what shifts your volunteers have been booked on.

Growing your volunteer program is all about proving value and measuring the return you’re getting.

Rosterfy gives you the power to report and share insights in real time.


Go Beyond Volunteer Scheduling

Every volunteer management software platform offers shift scheduling, but how many can offer automated scheduling based on groups and roles?

Rosterfy empowers your team to create groups of volunteers based on their skills, location, interests and more. 

No more searching for the right credentials. You can make sure you're deploying a diverse, inclusive and qualified volunteering team to every opportunity with Rosterfy.


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