Rosterfy to partner with Baby Give Back

Rosterfy is proud to announce that they will be working with not-for-profit organisation, Baby Give Back, to streamline and manage their volunteers.

Rosterfy is proud to announce that they will be working with not-for-profit organisation, Baby Give Back, to streamline and manage their volunteers.

Baby Give Back is a Queensland charity who ensures that all babies and children have an equal start in life by providing everything from clothing and nappies to cots, prams and car seats to families in need. 

Having previously managed their volunteers largely through manual processes including paper calendars and text messages, the team behind Baby Give Back are excited to provide their volunteers with a more customised, technology driven solution that will allow them to better engage with their volunteers. After an extensive search and glowing reviews from staff who had used the system previously, the team deemed that Rosterfy was the right choice. 

Carly Fradgley, CEO and Founder of Baby Give Back said, “We are extremely excited to be able to invest in our volunteers, they are the backbone of our organisation and mean so much to us. Being able to have a dedicated program that will ensure our volunteers can easily register for their shifts, be provided with ongoing training and feel appreciated is going to be life-changing for our volunteers and also ensure every baby has a safe and equal start to life.”

With over 100 volunteers dedicated to ensuring a safe start to life for all babies and a second warehouse set to launch in Brisbane shortly, Baby Give Back welcomes a diverse range of volunteers, both young and old. Ensuring that their volunteer management solution was accessible and user friendly for all was an important consideration and a key factor in selecting Rosterfy. 

Shannan Gove, Co Founder of Rosterfy said, “We’re always really proud to be working with organisations like Baby Give Back who are providing such a valuable resource to the community. The beauty of our product is that it’s accessible for young and old and ensures maximum volunteer engagement from the registration form through to onsite check in.”

“With a digital platform in place, Baby Give Back will have the ability to recruit, screen, schedule, train and reward their volunteers all via the one system, providing a more personalised experience for volunteers and a more efficient automated approach for administrators.” Gove continued. 

If you’re interested in volunteering with Baby Give Back, please visit their website.

To find out more about Rosterfy’s offering, visit www.rosterfy.com.  



Rosterfy exists to connect communities to events and causes they are passionate about through volunteer and paid workforce management technology. Our proven end to end technology allows charities, events and organizations to recruit, register, screen, train, manage and report with ease, replacing manual processes with automations to better engage and retain your volunteers and paid staff.




Baby Give Back is a Queensland charity passionate about helping vulnerable babies, children and families in our community. 

Baby Give Back collects, sorts and safety checks donated essential items (everything from clothing and nappies to cots, prams and car seats) to support families by working with caseworkers and social workers to provide customised orders for families to suit their needs and circumstances. Baby Give Back’s priority is ensuring that all items are safe and in great condition so that families can feel the love and compassion of their community. 

With the courage to do whatever it takes to achieve our mission and the backing of their incredible community, Baby Give Back provides judgement free support to thousands of babies and children each year.


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