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Rosterfy's Project Delivery Team will help you get off to a great start by establishing clear goals, focused training and post-implementation reviews.

How We Help You Make the Onboarding Process Quick and Straightforward

When you make the switch to Rosterfy the real work begins and our experienced team help you set goals,
manage the change, communicate and train your team successfully.

Clear Goals

Our team helps you understand what success looks like.

Change Management

We will identify who will be affected and what support you need internally.


We provide assistance with your internal communication.

Training Your Team

We ensure your staff are well trained in the ways of Rosterfy.

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"Rosterfy is always there to answer questions"

Our Customer Success Manager and the wider team provided us with critical support, enabling us to go live and hit our first milestone. They are always available to answer questions, no matter how big or small. They made the onboarding process a positive experience.”


Your Project. Supported by Our Experts.

One of the biggest differences between Rosterfy and other volunteer management software providers is the level of support and attention to detail our team offers while you make the switch to Rosterfy.

Customer Success Director

Your one point of contact to manage the onboarding process. They will ensure a consistent and accountable customer experience while keeping you up to date on progress.

Project Manager

Rosterfy's Project Managers are responsible for ensuring the project is delivered on time, on budget and to your satisfaction.

Solutions Architect

These are your key business and technical stakeholders to scope the business solution to ensure Rosterfy meets your needs.

Implementation Consultant

Rosterfy's Implementation Consultants engage with your business to configure the complete solution based on the Solutions Architect's scope.

Customer Support

Rosterfy's Support Team provide phone and email support to your team. They are on hand should your team experience any issues and are always keen to help.

Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager is dedicated to support your ongoing business success. Their goal is to provide continual communication, partnership and measurable success.


How We Do It...

Our experienced team will take you through each step of the implentation process, taking time to fully understand the needs of your team and your overall project goals.

These steps may vary depending on the specifics of your workforce program and a successful onboarding experience is dependent on your input.

Delivery Step1

Phase 1: Kick off

Our experienced delivery team will walk you through the implementation process and what is required for success.

Delivery Step2

Phase 2: Discovery

The Rosterfy delivery team will lead a series of workshops to deep dive into your specific business workflows and requirements.

These sessions are designed to culminate in a strategic evaluation, guiding the most effective approach for your project.


Delivery Step3a

Phase 3: Configuration

Throughout this phase, we will conduct a series of engaging training workshops with your dedicated volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs), meticulously walking them through each module for a comprehensive understanding.

It's during this phase our skilled in-house development team will be hard at work, meticulously crafting any necessary platform enhancements or custom integrations to ensure a seamless and impactful user experience.

Delivery Step4a

Phase 4: Testing

Prior to your 'Go-live' date we recommend that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is conducted by business users to ensure all business requirements are met.

Rosterfy will be on standby during this phase to support the team where required.

Delivery Step5a

Phase 5: Launch

Once your organization gives the green light following User Acceptance Testing (UAT), the Rosterfy platform is all set for live deployment.


Keri Castellano Senior Client Success Manager


We take pride in its onboarding process 

Rosterfy stands out by crafting a personalized onboarding experience tailored to your organization's unique objectives, moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach. This strategy ensures your organization can achieve its goals more effectively.

Our powerful automation features and tailored Volunteer Journeys ensure that your organization's objectives remain at the forefront of the onboarding process, significantly reducing your team's workload along the way.

"Instead of the traditional cookie cutter onboarding processes, Rosterfy creates an onboarding structure surrounding the Organization's goals"

As soon as your organization signs with Rosterfy they are assigned a Dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will create their onboarding structure based on the needs of the organization. With Rosterfy's onboarding process, customers can feel confident in their ability to maximize the benefits and streamline their volunteer management. 

"We're already getting really positive feedback from volunteers"

We launched Rosterfy to our existing database of volunteers and we’re already getting really positive feedback. Rosterfy are a pleasure to work with and their support team are so helpful particularly during the onboarding process”

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