Automated volunteer management shift scheduling

Replace manual shift scheduling with automations. Rosterfy's impressive automations engine makes it easier for organisations to find the right volunteer for the right role based on their availability, skills and interests.

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Complex scheduling, made simple

Schedule your volunteers across multiple roles and locations simply and efficiently using Rosterfy's automations. 


Ensure your volunteers are compliant through thorough screening and background checks.


Set up automated workflows to automatically to schedule volunteers into shifts and roles. 


Utilise Rosterfy's customisable dashboards to track the status of your roster in real time.


Keep your volunteers in the know with automated emails, SMS and mobile app notifications linked to shift updates. 


Automate your scheduling for mass workforce management

Rosterfy's proven experience powering some of the world's largest volunteer programs make it the perfect choice for managing mass workforce programs. 

Create workflows to automatically roster certain volunteers to specific roles based on their skills, interests and availability to ensure that your schedules are filled every time. 

Over 100 million hours of volunteering have been managed
through Rosterfy


Manage multiple schedules simultaneously

Segment your workforce into groups for different shifts with Rosterfy's automated workflows.

Customise your scheduling with automated onboarding, screening and training, linked with communications to ensure that your volunteers remain 'in the know'. 


Track your volunteer schedules performance

Rosterfy's customisable dashboards provide a central resource to measure the performance of your schedules in real time.

Understand which schedules are filled and which need further attention as well as the status of completed onboarding and training. 


Communicate instantly with your volunteers

Ensure that your volunteers have the information that they need to succeed in their role.

From successful applications through to reminders to complete training and alerts to check in, Rosterfy offers email, SMS and push notifications via the Rosterfy Volunteer App.

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Definitive Guide to Successful Volunteer Recruitment

Successful Volunteer Recruitment: The Definitive Guide

Want to better understand how to future proof your volunteer recruitment?

Go beyond simply filling opportunities and build a robust volunteer program by engaging with the next generation of volunteers and ensuring diversity throughout your program. 


Connect with your favourite scheduling tools

Enhance how your teams schedule your volunteers by integrating Rosterfy with all of your favourite tools including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and many more. 

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How Rosterfy Simplifies Scheduling

“Rosterfy has given us an easier way to communicate with our teams and I like how easy it is for volunteers and staff to sign up to shifts”

“We use Rosterfy on a daily basis and it makes our job 100x easier and more efficient”

“I love the flexibility. Not only has Rosterfy helped us manage our workforce better, we've moved other functions such as training, time tracking & communication onto it, because Rosterfy handles them so well”


You should use Rosterfy for your scheduling and rostering

  • 1. Get started straight away

  • 2. Let automations do the hard work!

  • 3. Proven Success

  • 4. Highly Configurable

Import your current roster

With Rosterfy you can import your existing schedules and rosters from Excel or Google Sheets, so there's no need to start from scratch!

From background checks to training modules, donor tracking, and volunteer shift numbers, we ensure that your program is seamless from start to finish. 

Save Hours Every Week

Need to schedule volunteers to a shift but you're short on time? 

Set up automated workflows to automatically schedule suitable volunteers into a shift based on their availability and skills. 

Over 100 million volunteer hours

With over 100 million volunteer hours completed through Rosterfy, we'll make sure your program has the tools it needs to succeed. 


Rosterfy can be configured to your needs

From charities who need to schedule volunteers across dozens of retail units, to some of the world's biggest sports events who need to manage, track and monitor volunteers with various qualifications, skills and training - Rosterfy can be configured to your particular needs.

Volunteer programs often need a system that works for their use case - that's why an out-of-the-box solution isn't enough.


Questions About Scheduling Volunteers

Can Rosterfy do Auto-Scheduling?

Yes. Rosterfy enables you to automate your scheduling by enabling Checkpoints to progress your volunteers through to their shift selection.
We also have an Enterprise solution to automated scheduling for major events and large volunteer management programs. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out via our Contact Us page.

Am I able to import my existing schedules and volunteers?

Yes! Rosterfy makes it simple to import existing schedules and volunteer data via our import functionality. All you need is an Excel or CSV file. To learn more about Importing Users or Importing Shifts view our how-to videos in our Resource Hub.

Can Rosterfy keep track of where each of my volunteers are from?

Rosterfy's unique Group Manager feature allows you to keep track of where volunteers are registering from, enabling you to customize forms, trainings and communications specific to that group.

Can Rosterfy facilitate reference checks?

Yes. Rosterfy has a great reference check module, which can allow administrators to validate volunteers before scheduling them to a specific role or shift. This can be set up as an automation to remove the need for manual processes.

Which type of organizations is Rosterfy suitable for?

Rosterfy provides paid workforce and volunteer management solutions for a variety of organizations including charities & non profits, universities & colleges, and sporting federations. Speak to our friendly Sales team about how Rosterfy can work for you.

How much does Rosterfy cost?

Unlike some providers, we make our pricing clear from the start. You can see the cost of the basic plan on our pricing page.