Volunteer Expense Claims

Rosterfy simplifies expense claims for volunteers, allowing requests to be quickly submitted through a user-friendly Volunteer Portal.

Expenses on Rosterfy

Simplify How Your Volunteers Submit Expenses

Create claim forms, use instant notifications and give the volunteer and management team expense history at the touch of a button.

Create a Claim Form

Effortlessly design a customized expenses form that perfectly aligns with the unique requirements of your volunteer program.

Seamless Experience

Enable a seamless and hassle-free submission of expenses by showcasing your expenses form on your volunteer portal.

Instant Notifications

Provide immediate notifications to both volunteers and the volunteer management team as soon as an expense claim is submitted.

View Expense History

Both volunteers and the volunteer management team have access to a comprehensive record of all expense claims.

Volunteer Expense Claims Managed

Part of delivering an exceptional volunteering experience involves meeting the expectations of modern programs. This encompasses providing an expense claim system that not only enables volunteers to easily submit their claims through your opportunity portal but also grants them full visibility of their claim records.

Build claim forms, share them on your portal and effortlessly receive expense claims.

Expenses Managed

Display Your Expenses Form on Your Volunteer Portal

Enable seamless and convenient access to your expense claim form via your volunteer portal, consolidating all your opportunities, training, and expenses in a centralized location.

Volunteer Communication

Instant Confirmation to Volunteers and Your Team

Once a claim is submitted, both the volunteer and the volunteer management team will receive immediate notifications, enhancing communication and enriching the overall program experience.


How Rosterfy Streamlines Volunteer Expenses and Opportunity Management


One Platform

Keep volunteer data and expenses within a single platform with Rosterfy


Reduce Costs

Remove the need for multiple subscriptions for expenses and shift management platforms

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A Better Experience

Give your volunteers a seamless experience to improve engagement


Instant Reports

More comprehensive reporting of your program combining expenses and impact


Add Volunteer Expense Claims to Your Program Without Adding Another Platform

Create a complete end to end experience for each volunteer. From the moment they apply for their first opportunity to completing their training and onboarding to submitting out of pocket expenses, it's all managed through a single platform.

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View a History of Expenses

Both volunteers and the volunteer management team can easily access a comprehensive record of expense claims. Enhance the communication and transparency of out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers, ensuring their continued engagement and support of your volunteer program.

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