Salesforce & Rosterfy Two-Way Integration

Integrate Rosterfy with the world’s most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce, enabling you manage your volunteer and fundraising teams simultaneously.

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Sync your CRM with Rosterfy

Two-way synchronised data 

Create a single source of truth for your volunteer data with Rosterfy's two way integration with Salesforce ensure accurate data across both platforms. 

Eliminate manual data entry & duplication

Replace manual data entry across multiple platforms with Rosterfy's two way Salesforce integration eliminating the need for manual updates.

Compliant data management

Keep your data secure, safe and protected across both Salesforce and Rosterfy thanks to their secure safeguarding processes. 

Scale with your needs

Our flexible and scalable solution is designed to grow with you and your businesses needs.


Sync user data between both systems

Rosterfy enables seamless two way syncing of volunteer data between Rosterfy and Salesforce.

When a contact record is updated in Rosterfy this will automatically be reflected and vice versa creating a single source of accurate data for your volunteers. 

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Rosterfy sets the standard for world class volunteer management

Getting started with Rosterfy's two way integration with Salesforce

Rosterfy is able to seamlessly synchronise your Rosterfy user data with your Salesforce account.

Once the Salesforce / Rosterfy integration is enabled on your account, you can choose which user data is sent to Salesforce and vice versa.

To get started simply authorise Rosterfy in your Rosterfy integrations manager to update your Salesforce account and the integration will be live - it is as simple as that!

Anytime you or your volunteers updates their details in Rosterfy or Salesforce, it will automatically be reflected in both platforms.

Rosterfy's Impressive Features

  • Checkmark Rosterfy app for volunteers & administrators (coming soon!)
  • Interview scheduling & screening
  • Checkmark Automated reminders for expiring qualifications certificates
  • Checkmark Check in & out kiosk
  • Checkmark Reward & recognition
  • Checkmark Skill & automation based scheduling
  • Checkmark Group management
  • Checkmark Multiple branded emails & templates
  • Checkmark Multiple language options
  • Checkmark Two way communication including SMS & email
  • Checkmark Sync shifts to Google & iCloud calendars
  • Checkmark Inventory management
  • Checkmark Event landing pages
  • Checkmark Integrated online training modules
  • Checkmark 24/7 online support

The most comprehensive volunteer management solution in market

Unlock the full potential of your volunteer program with a cutting-edge technology designed specifically for enterprise projects.

With our powerful automations engine, organisations can screen, onboard, train and schedule thousands of volunteers, whilst simultaneously ensuring a personalised and engaging experience for your workforce.


Screen and onboard your volunteers seamlessly

Rosterfy allows organisations to create multiple custom workflows to onboard each of your volunteer groups automatically. 

From background checks and WWCC validation through to interview screening through our integration partners including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Rosterfy helps organisations deliver a seamless and compliant onboarding experience from start to finish. 


Rosterfy Volunteer Mobile App

Volunteers of all ages will find Rosterfy's app engaging and simple to navigate. From updating their personal details to browsing opportunities and completing onboarding, volunteering has never been simpler.

Available for both Android and iOS users, Rosterfy's Volunteer App has been designed with volunteers at the forefront to maximise productivity and engagement. 

Mobile App

Kiosk, geo-fencing & QR code check in and check out

Ensure that the first experience with your organisation is a positive interaction with simple check and in and out. 

Rosterfy allows organisations to manage check in and out simply via multiple options including kiosk, geo-fencing and QR codes to ensure that your volunteers can get started from the get go. 

Rosterfy App

The ROI of Rosterfy

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21 days

BHF reduced the time it takes until a volunteer can start from 42 days to 21
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50K applications

Expo 2023 Doha managed 50,000 applications in 72 hours with Rosterfy
Spark Event Group Logo

99% attendance

Spark achieved a 99% attendance rate for more than 4,000 shifts at The Australian Open
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50% less admin

Lifeline can process 10-12 volunteers an hour as opposed to 3-5 previously
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Streamline your volunteer management with Rosterfy & Salesforce

Request a 30 minute demonstration from our team and you'll discover better ways to manage your volunteer program and improve operational visibility using Rosterfy and Salesforce - the ultimate combination.