Rosterfy or VolunteerHub

How does Rosterfy compare to VolunteerHub?

Choosing the right volunteer management platform is about understanding how it can help you achieve your goals.

Here's how the two platform stack up against each other.

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Rosterfy stands as the unrivaled leader in volunteer management software, offering a cutting-edge suite of capabilities and features. Our platform boasts automated sequences and workflows, along with customizable communication tools and branded volunteer portals that set us apart from the competition.



VolunteerHub makes it easy to not just manage your volunteers, but effectively engage them. VolunteerHub is an easy-to-use volunteer management software created to help organizations get the most value from their volunteer program by eliminating constraints.

Feature Summary

Both systems offer options for volunteer managers looking to streamline their administrative tasks, eliminate the use of spreadsheets, and dedicate more time to making a meaningful difference. Only with Rosterfy can you gain access to features that have been successfully utilized in global events and large-scale volunteering programs.

Exclusive Features

Only on Rosterfy

  • Checkmark Dashboards
  • Checkmark 24/7 Online Support
  • Checkmark Branded Emails
  • Checkmark Volunteer Role Application Checkpoints
  • Checkmark Skill or Qualification based automated rostering
  • Workflows for mandatory training
  • Integrated Online Training for Volunteers
  • Checkmark Automated reminders for security or qualification certificate expiry
  • Checkmark Self Management of Family Members and Family Shifts
  • Checkmark Segmentation of Volunteers into Groups
  • Branded Emails Two-way SMS confirmation
  • Branded Emails Sync shifts to Google or iCloud Calendars

A Highly Developed Platform

Unlock the full potential of your volunteer program with a cutting-edge platform designed specifically for larger scale initiatives.

Experience unprecedented results by harnessing the power of a fully featured tool set, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of your organization.

VolunteerHub vs Rosterfy at a glance

While VolunteerHub is a great option for organizations starting out with their volunteer programs, Rosterfy surpasses the competition with its specialized feature set designed specifically for global events and large-scale volunteering programs.

Rosterfy can deliver today and not just promise a better tomorrow.



Rosterfy is the most feature rich and configurable platform available


Rosterfy’s ability to screen candidates based on their application and credentials saves hours


Automatically assign the right people to shifts with roster based on pre-defined criteria


Rosterfy allows you to scale your platform to your program

Features Exclusive to Rosterfy

Three key features unique to Rosterfy that will set your volunteer program apart from the rest and empower your team to achieve more

Exclusive: Checkpoints and Journeys

Rosterfy gives you different onboarding options for different roles. Add a driver's license requirement for driving roles, background checks for roles involving children, or onboarding for adults-only roles.

Our automated system allows you to create unique experiences by automatically moving volunteers from one point to another based on completion, keeping volunteers updated with automated emails for each step.

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Exclusive: Role-Based Training

Rosterfy lets you provide your volunteers and staff with the training they need to succeed in their roles. Create your own training materials or upload existing ones and get complete visibility of training progress.

Build your own online training modules, including SCORM files, videos, images, and PDFs. Use Rosterfy's automated triggers for consistent delivery of your training plan.

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Exclusive: Workflow Automations

Rosterfy allows you to automate every step of your volunteer and paid staff management, from onboarding and scheduling, to training and communications, to reward and recognition.

Cut your admin workload in half with Rosterfy's state-of-the-art automations.

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"Rosterfy makes my
job easy!"

With over 40 reviews of Rosterfy and a fantastic overall score of 4.5 stars on Capterra.

We're very proud to read the wonderful reviews our customers leave for us. Our customers not only celebrate the incredible features of our platform but also appreciate the exceptional support we provide as their trusted business partner.

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"Onboarding was so hard to manage before Rosterfy and now I feel it’s just built in"

Encircle was in need of a solution that not only streamlined administrative tasks but also replaced the need for multiple systems. That's when they discovered Rosterfy.

Rosterfy sets the standard for volunteer management

Here are a few reasons why organisations choose Rosterfy as an alternative to VolunteerHub for their volunteer management platform

An attractive 'Digital Front Door'

Ensure you have the highest conversion rate possible when volunteers see your opportunities and apply for them.

Rosterfy offers a modern and slick approach to volunteer recruitment with branded portals to put you in the best light.

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Out of the Box Brilliance

With Rosterfy you don't need an onsite team of software programmers to make your volunteer management platform work for you.

Rosterfy is ready to go right out of the gate. There's no long cycles of additional development or shoehorning tools to fit - we deliver today not make promises for tomorrow.

We employ a train-the-trainer approach to onboarding, ensuring that you not only have all the necessary tools but also the expertise to run a thriving volunteer program.

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Choose Rosterfy and you'll be in good company

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User Friendly Volunteer Management Software

Reduce admin and create a seamless, engaging and rewarding experience for volunteers. Rosterfy help you recruit, retain, reward and train your volunteers at every part of their journey with your program.

Rosterfy Reviewed

Rosterfy not only scores highly on review sites but we've also been awarded in our
categories for excellent service, quality of features and growth.

"Rosterfy is an outstanding platform"

We were honored to be selected as G2's 'High Performer Winter 2024' in the Volunteer Management Category and with a brilliant score of 9.2 out of 10 for Quality of Support it's no surprise. 

VolunteerHub by comparison only achieved 7.5 for support and are listed as a 'niche contender' rather than a market leader.

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Rosterfy is the High Performing Choice

Reviewers on G2 firmly believe Rosterfy is a High Performing choice in the Volunteer Management Software Space.

VolunteerHub is a fine choice but it's niche set of features and it's position as a contender rather than a leader in the market makes Rosterfy the best option of large scale volunteer programs.

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Talk to us and see for yourself

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