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How does Rosterfy compare to Better Impact?

Choosing the right volunteer management platform is about understanding how it can help you achieve your goals.

Here's how the two platform stack up against each other.

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Rosterfy stands as the unrivaled leader in volunteer management software, offering a cutting-edge suite of capabilities and features. Build automated sequences and workflows, alongside customizable communication tools and branded volunteer portals for maximum efficiency and engagement. 

Better Impact

Better Impact

Better Impact is an all-in-one volunteer management software solution specifically designed for volunteer services teams. Save Time. Save Money. Secure your volunteer data. Lead your volunteers, program, and organization to a new level of mission achievement.


   Automated journeys for multiple workflows

Give your team the tools they need to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes giving them the freedom to scale with impact.

Open API connecting to 30+ integrations

Create a central record for your volunteering program with integrations available with all the leading CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot and Blackbaud. 

Multi tiered branding within accounts

Work with multiple groups, organisations and/or events? Rosterfy allows organisations to create multiple brand templates within your central account.

Future proof your program and scale with ease

Rosterfy is designed to be configurable to scale alongside your growing needs. Available in 10+ languages, Rosterfy is here to support your global workforce demands. 

Increase in efficiency

Did you know that most organisations are required to host their data locally?

One of the biggest considerations when selecting a volunteer management solution, should be where the software stores your data. While Rosterfy has servers in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Canada, and thus, has the ability to store your data locally, Better Impact has servers exclusively in Canada.

For organisations who are required to host their data locally in line with government legislature, Rosterfy is the clear number one choice. 

Simplify Onboarding with Automated Journeys

Rosterfy is the most configurable and automated volunteer management solution in market.

Have multiple volunteer roles each with their own onboarding requirements? Rosterfy has got you covered.

With the ability to create custom automated onboarding journey's specific to certain volunteer roles, onboarding your volunteers has never been simpler.

Create checkpoints that progresses your volunteers through their onboarding automatically to ensure that not only do your volunteers receive a personalised and engaging experience but that your organisation is compliant. 

Seamlessly Integrate your CRM with Rosterfy

Having a single source of truth for your volunteers is crucial to successful volunteer management.

Rosterfy integrates with the world's leading CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Blackbaud and Hubspot to ensure synchronised volunteer data across both systems. 

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"Onboarding was so hard to manage before Rosterfy and now I feel it’s just built in"

Jessica Benelli, Volunteer & Programming Coordinator, Encircle

Encircle was in need of a solution that not only streamlined administrative tasks but also replaced the need for multiple systems. That's when they discovered Rosterfy.

Ensure your Organisation is Compliant

Rosterfy enables organisations to thoroughly screen their volunteers. From running background checks and validating certifications through to interviews via our integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The good news? All onboarding can be set up as an automation with checkpoints triggering reminders and next steps.

Exclusive Features

Only on Rosterfy

  • Custom Automated Workflows
  • Checkmark Rosterfy App for Volunteers & Administrators (launching soon!)
  • Checkmark CRM Integrations with Blackbaud, Microsoft, Salesforce & Hubspot
  • Checkmark Dedicated Account Manager (all customers)
  • Checkmark Automated Emails Triggered by Checkpoints
  • Branded Emails Two-way SMS confirmation
  • Checkmark Multiple Branded Emails & Templates
  • Checkmark Volunteer Role Application Checkpoints
  • Checkmark Volunteer Availability Automations
  • Checkmark Skill or Qualification Based Automated Rostering
  • Workflows for Mandatory Training
  • Checkmark Automated Reminders for Security or Qualification Certificate Expiry
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Inventory Management
  • Checkmark Geofencing for Check In & Out

The most comprehensive volunteer management solution in market

Unlock the full potential of your volunteer program with a cutting-edge technology designed specifically for enterprise projects.

With our powerful automations engine, organisations can screen, onboard, train and schedule thousands of volunteers, whilst simultaneously ensuring a personalised and engaging experience for your workforce.

Rosterfy sets the standard for world class volunteer management


The Future of Volunteering at your Fingertips

Rosterfy's new mobile app, empowers volunteers to take control of their volunteer experience, any place, any time, all from the palm of their hands.

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Exceed Volunteer Expectations

Rosterfy is the High Performing Choice

Reviewers on G2 firmly believe Rosterfy is a High Performing choice in the Volunteer Management Software Space.

Better Impact is a good choice for small - mid sized workforce programs, however it is limited when it comes to its features and the ability for customisation.

Rosterfy's regionalised customer support is also a large factor in our positive reviews, with 24/7 support available throughout the world with our global team here to support you every step of the way. 

Dedicated 24/7 Support Globally

With offices in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and the Middle East, Rosterfy's team are on hand to help ensure you get the most out of your volunteer program any day of the week.

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Summary - Rosterfy V Better Impact

While general volunteer management solutions like Better Impact are a good solution for small-mid market programs, Rosterfy remains unrivalled when it comes to our comprehensive and configurable functionality that delivers on return on investment.

With the ability to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes, Rosterfy is the solution of choice for the largest volunteer programs in the world.



Rosterfy is the most feature rich and configurable platform available


Automatically assign the right people to shifts with roster based on pre-defined criteria


Rosterfy allows you to scale your platform without compromising on quality and the volunteer experience


Stay tuned for the Rosterfy App releasing in 2024 empowering volunteers to find, apply and manage opportunities from the palm of their hand

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