Rosterfy to partner with etrainu

Rosterfy announce a partnership with leading online learning company, etrainu, to provide a comprehensive training and assessment solution.

Rosterfy are excited to announce that they have signed a non-exclusive partnership with leading online Learning Company, etrainu, to provide a comprehensive training and assessment solution for their clients, domestically and internationally. 

This exciting partnership will provide Rosterfy clients with the ability to upskill their workforce through etrainu’s customised training modules that are tracked within workforce and volunteer portals.  This will provide individuals using Rosterfy’s platform a convenient and seamless registration process.

The partnership will benefit sporting federations as well as other event organisations that Rosterfy currently partner with.

This is the first of a number of partnership announcements for Rosterfy, as they seek to strengthen and grow their client base.

What the partnership brings for clients

Bennett Merriman, Co-Founder of Rosterfy, is excited for the opportunities this brings forth for their clients. 

“Ensuring that your workforce is equipped to work effectively and more importantly safely is integral to every event's success. As leaders in online management, we are thrilled to be partnering with etrainu to provide a comprehensive online catalogue of training modules that work hand in hand with Rosterfy’s technology.”  Merrriman said. 

Paul Hoon, CEO of etrainu, is pleased about how the partnership will help to strengthen Rosterfy's current service offering. 

“Rosterfy are the world leaders in workforce management so the decision to work together was an easy one. etrainu will become an extension of Rosterfy’s offering to clients. Our strength lies in providing a cohesive integrated solution that enables clients to have all aspects of learning delivery from training modules to scheduling in one place. By providing customised event inductions and comprehensive training including RSA, Safe Food Handling and White Cards, this will become a seamless part of the Rosterfy's training and recruitment process.”

If you’re interested in  learning more about how you can become one of Rosterfy’s partners, please contact Bennett Merriman

Why Rosterfy?

Rosterfy exists to connect communities to events and causes they're passionate about through our end to end volunteer and staff management solution. 

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