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Creating an ongoing volunteer legacy after major events - Rosterfy

When your city is about to host a major event, it attracts tourism and you see an economic boost in your local community. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of volunteers willing to contribute their time and skills to the running of the event. But what happens to these highly motivated and skilled volunteers after the event is over?

In 2017, the Houston Super Bowl relied on Rosterfy technology to manage the largest ever volunteer workforce in Super Bowl history. Post event, there were 12,000 motivated volunteers still looking to continue their event work experience. The Houston Sport Authority decided to tap into this motivated database for their next event, making use of the volunteers who had previously proven their ability and compatibility with the brand. The lesson here is that keeping your volunteer database interested, engaged, and and up to date about possible upcoming opportunities will minimise the amount of effort and time you will need to put into recruiting for your next event.

Similarly, Lakewood Church used Rosterfy technology to coordinate and manage volunteers when Hurricane Harvey hit the City of Houston. It was evident that the legacy from major events not only benefits the volunteers, but can also benefit a wider city community in need.

Imagine you have developed a well rounded volunteer pool from previous events. Good workers with relevant skills, and a proven history of reliability. You don’t have any events planned, but you will at some point down the track. How do you not lose the interest of your previous workforce?


  • Focusing on volunteer motivations expectations, skills and experiences
  • Include a flexible schedule to enable individual preferences to increase volunteer satisfaction, productivity and motivated commitment
  • Stick to a Human Resource Management plan for acquiring and maintaining volunteers
  • Inductions, training and additional development in conjunction with a strong marketing campaign are all vital to keeping your volunteers engaged between the recruitment stage until their first shift
  • Where possible, work with your host city council to sustain volunteers over longer periods