Rosterfy collaborates with Masters Games

Learn more about how Rosterfy collaborated with the 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships to streamline their end to end volunteer management program.

Perth, Australia will play host to the 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships starting from October 26 – November 6.

Volunteer Coordinator Martine Kemps has been recruiting for the major event that will require 300 – 400 volunteers.

Rosterfy was selected as the workforce management solution for Martine and the Perth Masters Games team to manage, communicate and roster their volunteers.

“This is my first time managing volunteers through an automated online system and I saved countless hours by not having to use traditional processes,” Kemps said.  

“I really got to know the system after actually actively using it and it works great! I’m happy and confident using the system now”.

Rosterfy added specific functions for one-off events, such as having the flexibility to personalize pages and phrases and allowing first time users to apply for shifts directly as they register. 

"The on-going support and assistance from Bennett, Kariah and the Rosterfy Team have really helped me gain confidence and no question was ever too ‘stupid’ to ask, which I really appreciated.”

Rosterfy offers a very practical system, which efficiently provides end-to-end workforce management and scheduling solutions.

Learn more about how Rosterfy works with large scale events.

If you’d like to learn more about how Rosterfy can help you better engage with your volunteers through a volunteer management solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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