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Replace manual spreadsheets with automations - Rosterfy

Are you still using manual staff rostering processes? Here are seven perks of using an automatic rostering system:

 1. Devices are harder to lose than paper

If you lose your list of workers and the hours worked, how will you ensure each staff member gets paid. Having an automated system makes your brand and event look more streamlined: for your workers and your reputation.

2. Less admin staff

Offer shifts to staff that you select, or to your entire workforce. Do you have an excel document, paper timesheets, and then an online system to enter employee details for payroll?

3. Never do the “ring around” again

Offer open shifts to either selected employees or your entire workforce with one tap. You can even allow your employees to swap shifts.

4. Safety of your staff

Some recent world events have made knowledge of how many staff that you have on site even more crucial. With easy check in and check out (plus the ability of an employee to withdraw), you can have a more accurate picture of what staff are on site and search where the staff are at any given moment. Online Training modules can also help you share important safety information.

5. Accurate grouping of staff skill set

Need to track your trained and qualified employees? Whether it’s first aid, food preparation or heavy machinery, allocate employees according to their skills and qualifications, without relying on memory or sorting your pivot tables on a spreadsheet.

6. No need to rely on memory to rate staff performance

Occasionally in high profile events, we find the need to be able to rate staff as good, great or perhaps requiring more training. Input staff feedback, comments and ratings to keep your staff database up to date and accurate.

7. Retention of staff

Staff experience of a company is everything, and it’s worth investing time in your staff. Automate a post-event thank you email to show your staff your appreciation.