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Top 5 places to find volunteers - Rosterfy

Having trouble finding volunteers? Rosterfy is here to help! 

Finding the right volunteers for your organization is crucial to the success of your event and/or cause. Whether you’re looking for volunteers to assist with your event, complete administrative tasks or package meals for those in need, Rosterfy has come up with the five best places to find and recruit volunteers within your community. 

  1. Universities and/or colleges. Students are often encouraged to volunteer in order to build their experience within a relevant field, network and to build up their resume to help them secure a job at the end of their education. By creating unique experiences that tailor to students' needs, universities and colleges provide a great place to start when recruiting volunteers. 
  2. Sporting clubs. Your local sporting club is a great place to start when looking for volunteers! If you have an exciting event, reach out to the local sporting club to see whether or not they’d be keen to be involved. You can even incentivise volunteering with discounted race entry and memorabilia. 
  3. Corporations. Approach your corporations within your community to see whether or not they are interested in volunteering with your organization. Many companies have a corporate social responsibility program that requires their employees to give back to their community. Why not let them help you?
  4. Clubs and groups. Community clubs are a great place to recruit and find volunteers. Clubs like the Rotary Club and The Scouts are great places to find engaged and passionate volunteers, who are willing to support your cause. 
  5. Volunteers. Your biggest advocates should be your volunteers! The best way to recruit volunteers is through your existing ones. Get your volunteers to help drive recruitment by encouraging them to sign up a friend, family member or colleague. 

Good luck recruiting your volunteers! Remember that the best way to create a successful volunteer management program is to look after your volunteers. Treat them well and they will continue to give back for years to come.