Rosterfy Case Study: Bushcare Parramatta

How Bushcare Parramatta has reduced risk and ensured compliance using Rosterfy's automations.

Bushcare is a volunteer-based, environmental conservation program coordinated and supported by the City of Parramatta.

Since adopting Rosterfy in 2021, Bushcare Parramatta has redefined their volunteer management operations across recruitment, onboarding, attendance tracking and onsite reporting to create a robust program that has the resources to support their community. 

End to end automated onboarding

Before using Rosterfy, the onboarding process for Bushcare’s volunteers was completely manual. Now, Bushcare uses Rosterfy to automate their volunteer onboarding with the process almost entirely automated save for the personal touch points they still have included to ensure that their volunteers feel valued and welcomed. 

Visualising data like never before

Understanding the impact of your volunteer program is often overlooked, however for Bushcare Parramatta, Rosterfy is enabling them to understand their volunteers contributions daily thanks to post shift reporting. 

Team Leaders are assigned a ‘Post Shift Data Entry’ form to complete via Rosterfy at the conclusion of their shift, which captures not only how many volunteers attended on the day but how many trees were planted and how much land was cleared and restored.

“Before using Rosterfy it was a very manual process to get in touch with team leaders to get a report on the progress of volunteer activity. Now, it’s such a simple progress with Team Leaders being prompted to complete a quick feedback form post shift. This has been a game changer for us as admins as we have a central record of all reports that are easy to access and more importantly understand the impact our program is making as a whole.” Billie Moran, Natural Resource Officer, Bushcare Parramatta.

Bushcare Workday Field Sheet (1)

Example of Bushcare's Workday Record Sheet, which captures details around trees planted, waste and rubbish removed etc and is submitted by Volunteer Team Leaders via Rosterfy at the conclusion of each shift. 

Ensuring safety and compliance

For any government run program, ensuring the safety and compliance of your volunteers is paramount.

While Bushcare Parramatta currently conduct their onsite inductions via a PDF form they have plans to transfer all PDF forms to Rosterfy forms so that all completed inductions are stored against a volunteers account within Rosterfy. 

Bushcare 2

Example of Bushcare's Volunteer induction Checklist managed through Rosterfy

Time and attendance tracking onsite

Prior to using Rosterfy, Bushcare Parramatta’s volunteer management was all run on paper or spreadsheets. Using Rosterfy’s onsite check in and check out feature, Bushcare Paramatta now have a clear picture of who has and hasn’t attended a shift, which is all recorded against the volunteers account allowing for personalisation, engagement and recognition.

Digitising e-badges to reward volunteers for their time

With a clear picture of their volunteers, Bushcare Parramatta are now looking at ways in which they can use Rosterfy to allow for further personalisation and engagement. 

“Communicating to our volunteers that they are valued is extremely important to us. We’re looking forward to use Rosterfy to introduce e-badges for our volunteers that celebrate milestone achievements with Bushcare." Continued Billie. 

Rosterfy Portal (11)Example of Bushcare Parramatta's e-badges within Rosterfy

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