City of Parramatta Council centralises their volunteer management with Rosterfy

The City of Parramatta Council selects Rosterfy to support their environmental conservation program Bushcare, resourced by volunteers within the community.

The City of Parramatta Council has selected Rosterfy to support their environmental conservation program Bushcare, resourced by volunteers within the community.  

With an emphasis on bushland regeneration in Parramatta, around 300 Bushcare volunteers currently meet monthly to maintain a healthy ecosystem amongst critically endangered vegetation communities including Sydney’s Blue Gum High Forest

City of Parramatta Council will use Rosterfy to digitise the way they manage, engage and retain their Bushcare volunteers, whilst also streamlining operational processes through Rosterfy’s automations functionality.

“We’re really excited to be implementing Rosterfy to centralise the way we manage our Parramatta Bushcare volunteers,” Rhiannon Amiri, Natural Resource Officer for Bushcare at City of Parramatta Council said.

“Having previously relied on paper based processes for data collection, management and reporting, Rosterfy is going to be a fantastic resource for more productive, reliable and sustainable operations. We have been looking for a digital solution to our volunteer management for some time now and Rosterfy ticks all the boxes. By replacing manual processes with automations we expect to save 21 hours per week, which will allow us to focus on more important things – like growing our Bushcare program and recruiting more volunteers,” Rhiannon added.

In addition to streamlining operations for Bushcare administrators, City of Parramatta Council will use Rosterfy to better engage with their volunteers through Rosterfy’s volunteer portals, which will provide a central point for registration, applications, certificates and communications. Additionally, City of Parramatta Council will look to utilise Rosterfy’s inbuilt training modules to better upskill their volunteers and improve their overall experience. 

Having seen global success recently with some of the world’s largest city based organisations including the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand, the team at Rosterfy are excited to add Australia to the mix, with the City of Parramatta leading the way. 

“It’s fantastic to see the City of Parramatta Council join our growing list of city based clients globally. Manual spreadsheets and paper based systems are incredibly time consuming and riddled with opportunities for human error. Systems like Rosterfy not only allow for operational efficiency but also allow for greater volunteer engagement, which in turn promotes a healthy retention of volunteers,” Shannan Gove, Co Founder of Rosterfy said. 

To find out more about Rosterfy’s offering, visit www.rosterfy.com.  

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