Rosterfy teams up with GivenGain

Rosterfy has teamed up with GivenGain to allow event organizers to manage their volunteers and online fundraising all in one place.

Rosterfy has teamed up with GivenGain, the global online fundraising platform, so event organizers can manage their volunteers and online fundraising all in one place. Easy to use, intuitive and flexible, Rosterfy is designed to manage your event’s volunteer and paid staff efficiently and seamlessly. The ground-breaking software platform is shaking up volunteer and paid staff management for events of any size (start your free 30 day Rosterfy trial now).

"Rosterfy is incredibly excited to partner with a leader in the fundraising space like GivenGain. Our seamless integration is the first of its kind, connecting two crucial aspects for any endurance event organizer – volunteer management and fundraising. Through this integration we will make it easier for organizers at events all across the world to increase both fundraising efforts and volunteer engagement – a win-win all round," says Dom Leyden, Head of Sales & Business Development – USA at Rosterfy.

Since 2001, GivenGain has worked with events in 27 countries on 5 continents, ranging from 9 to 99,000 runners, enabling participant fundraising at no cost. Their fundraising platform and free fundraising services make an event even more meaningful and help attract the next generation of participants.

“We are thrilled to work with Rosterfy to help any organization better engage their volunteers and create a lasting legacy,” explained Marius Maré, President of the GivenGain Foundation at GivenGain. “There are a lot of things to juggle when organizing an event. Rosterfy streamlines all your staffing needs in one platform, while GivenGain manages all of the fundraising admin so you can focus on the event!”

One of the main motivations of volunteers is to give back to a cause that they’re passionate about. Thanks to this new partnership, volunteers for an event can go one step further and in addition to volunteering their time, they can also help raise money by creating their own fundraising projects.

“Charity events often have super-engaged volunteers,” continues Marius. “They are your best advocates with a deep connection to your charity’s mission. It’s these volunteers who are happy to do even more to meet the needs of your organizations. Providing the option for them to create their own fundraising project can strengthen their relationship with your cause and boost engagement.”

By enabling participant and volunteer fundraising, an event can easily raise even more money for charity, increasing its positive social impact. The event fundraising landscape is continuously evolving and Rosterfy and GivenGain’s digital platforms are here to make them as enjoyable and successful as possible for everyone involved.

About Rosterfy

Rosterfy exists to connect communities to events and causes they are passionate about through our volunteer and paid workforce engagement solution. We reduce the amount of time volunteer managers spend in spreadsheets and manual processes, as well as increasing the retention, engagement and attendance rates of our client’s volunteer database. Our scalable technology streamlines the previously manual process of volunteer & paid staff management for organizations all shapes and sizes from the Super Bowl & London Marathon to tin rattlers for local charity events. Sign up for a free 30 day trial here

About GivenGain

Founded in 2001, GivenGain is a non-profit foundation with offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and South Africa. We started with a simple idea: to enable global philanthropy by providing a platform that simplifies global giving and fundraising. Since 2001, the platform has assisted donors and fundraisers in 195 countries to assist charities in 70 countries. Its tremendous technology enables public events like running, gaming and cycling races and their participants to fundraise together online for charities of their choice.

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