Rosterfy Product Feature | User Journey Checkpoints

Take a look at Rosterfy's newest product feature - User Journey Checkpoints - allowing your volunteers to visually track their volunteer experience.

Volunteers can now visualize and track their experience using Rosterfy!

Each volunteer program is unique, designed with its own set of deliverables put in place to get the most out of their workforce. 

For volunteers, understanding what their volunteer journey looks like and the steps (and time) involved is critical to not only ensuring that key milestones are met but that volunteers are engaged and informed from start to finish. 

Rosterfy’s latest product feature allows you to do just that! Introducing User Journey Checkpoints

Administrators have the ability to create Checkpoint Types, which can be reflected clearly as a ‘journey’ in the volunteer portal. From interviews, background checks and training through to shift selection and uniform collection the ‘journey’ you create for your volunteers can be as simple or detailed as you like. 

While the visual ‘journey’ is a great tool for understanding where milestones are at for volunteers it is also a handy tool for administrators! With the user journey visible as soon as they login to their portal, administrators are finding there is less requirement to follow up with reminders with the user journey communicating outstanding tasks that need to be actioned. 

If you’d like to learn more about our User Journey Checkpoint functionality, please reach out to our sales team to learn more. 

If you’re already a Rosterfy customer and would like to set up User Journey Checkpoints, check out our detailed guide for setting this up within your account. 

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