Product Feature: Gamifying your workforce program through reward and recognition.

Looking to give back to your volunteers? Check out Rosterfy's Reward & Recognition functionality, allowing administrators to gamify their volunteer management program.

While volunteers often choose to donate their time because they want to give back to their communities, making their experience engaging and rewarding is integral to ensuring a successful volunteer program. 

Rosterfy’s impressive reward and recognition technology allows organizations to give back to their volunteers by incentivising time spent volunteering in exchange for rewards. Let’s be honest, many organizations would cease to exist without their volunteers, so investing time and energy into making their experience fun and memorable is just as important as recruiting them in the first place!


Engage volunteers with tangible rewards 

Each volunteer management program is unique. Rosterfy enables administrators to create their own custom reward and recognition program. From the amount of hours required to redeem prizes through to the rewards themselves, users have the ability to create their program the way that works for them. Rosterfy’s reward and recognition program can be utilized for a variety of rewards including:

  • Merchandise, tickets, memorabilia, once in a lifetime experiences in exchange for hours worked. 
  • Meal vouchers - redeemable once the volunteer has checked-in
  • Radio collection - redeemable once the volunteer has checked in
  • Uniform - redeemable once a milestone has been achieved (i.e training complete, check in complete etc)


Manage your inventory

Want to know the best thing about Rosterfy’s reward and recognition program? It doesn’t create more work. Our clever inventory management system allows you to define quantities of rewards available so that your volunteers are presented with an accurate depiction of what’s available. 

Create inventory dashboards that monitor stock so that you can see what’s popular and re-stock with time to spare. 


Allow automations to do the hard work for you

Managing volunteers and staff can be complicated and we’re definitely not here to make things more complex. By harnessing the power of Rosterfy’s automations engine you can automate every step of your reward and recognition program, including:

  • Notification emails once rewards become available
  • Reminders to redeem rewards
  • Confirmation emails once rewards have been redeemed
  • Population of personalized certificates
  • Inventory live updates via reports and dashboards


How to set up reward & recognition on your account*

Keen to start rewarding your volunteers? Take a look at our explainer video, highlighting how to set up your reward & recognition program using Rosterfy.


*Please note, Rosterfy’s Reward & Recognition solution is available to Enterprise clients only. If you are a current client and would like to discuss utilizing this feature, please contact

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