Case Study: NAPCAN - How Rosterfy helps us prove our value

NAPCAN is on a mission to prevent the causes of child abuse by mobilising a community of facilitators with specialised skills through Rosterfy.

NAPCAN is an Australian-based non-profit organisation whose mission is to prevent child abuse.

They believe the systems in place to protect children aren’t the answer, only through education, delivered and driven by communities can we ensure children and young people remain safe and protected.

NAPCAN have thousands of facilitators (volunteers) across Australia and are able to mobilize them and measure the impact of their program because they use Rosterfy.


Among the training and assistant programs they offer ‘Love Bites’ stands out and it’s Rosterfy that helps them connect more protection facilitators and volunteers to young people and projects that will make a huge difference to the youth of Australia.

Prevention starts with conversations, influencing policy and interactions with communities. It’s these interactions that NAPCAN focuses on by connecting supportive figures such as Police Officers, Teachers, Domestic and Sexual Violence consultants with young people.


"A family's trajectory towards the social services or protection services crosses a threshold and we operate in a space before it gets to that point – where education and support can stop it from getting to that stage" - Leesa Waters


The Challenge

People know protecting children and young people from abuse is important, they want to offer their support and skills but it’s not always clear what they can do. 

NAPCAN offers them the opportunity to connect with those who can benefit from their time and insight, at schools and institutions, but how do they present these opportunities? How do they make it easy to volunteer?

They manage thousands of volunteers and facilitators. Their database is close to 5,000 community specialists including sexual assault and domestic violence specialists, nurses, teachers, youth workers, police and juvenile justice officers. They all need training, onboarding and visibility of opportunities in their location.

These volunteers are often highly skilled, senior-level professionals with busy schedules and any hour NAPCAN can save them is significant. So information, communication and organisation of opportunities have to be clear and streamlined.

“There’s so much we could be doing, we’re all wearing various hats so any way we can free up capacity we can focus on delivery for these children and influence changes in policy. We want to make our facilitators' lives easier. They could work in a 300-mile radius so it’s important we could give them visibility of all the opportunities and who might be available.”



Why they picked Rosterfy?

Rosterfy helps NAPCAN connect people to important, life changing causes and it’s expanding their network of facilitators. These highly skilled professionals are keen to offer their time and it’s Rosterfy that gives them clear visibility of opportunities available to them, reducing the time they spend on admin and improving the effectiveness of the program.

"We're really excited about our partnership with Rosterfy, there's so much goodwill and intention from volunteers but people are so time-poor" said Leesa.

Over the last 15 years, NAPCAN built up an amazing community of people as a prevention movement. Until they had Rosterfy they didn’t have access to the rich data gathered at a grassroots level. It’s this data that helps them measure the impact of their program and they use it to influence policymakers, show the impact and encourage more support.


“Rosterfy offers an easy-to-navigate layout and is a very user-friendly volunteer management system, particularly on the facilitator side which is incredibly important to us. We don’t need to make things more complex than they need to be. - Leesa Waters



Having Rosterfy has enabled NAPCAN to capture data around the impact of the program itself, the delivery and receipt of the program, the demographics of those involved, the vast array of backgrounds they come from and the positions they hold - Police Offices, Teachers, Domestic Violence workers, Sexual Assault Support Professionals and more.

They have already noticed a shift from a tendency to recruit from the Public Health sector to more Education focused because of Rosterfy they are able to easily capture and use this information.

Rosterfy allows us to empower our volunteers to search for opportunities, connecting them to schools or facilities and we can easily see if we have enough people to support those young people.”

With the insight they have from Rosterfy they can educate local and national governments on the effectiveness of the programs and the efforts being made for children. It helps tell a story and paint a picture of the vision of what could be done with more support.

“People move frequently, all the amazing people who contribute to our cause move around and without Rosterfy it would be hard to keep up and we certainly don’t want to lose them. This system will allow us to keep them in our system and find new opportunities”.


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