Case Study: How Encircle Automates Volunteer Onboarding with Rosterfy

Encircle, a nonprofit organization based in Utah that focuses on providing support to the LGBTQ+ community, use Rosterfy to automate volunteer onboarding

Encircle is committed to uplifting and empowering LGBTQ+ communities. Their community support centers serve as havens for young individuals to flourish, and this is made achievable through the dedication of their enthusiastic team, altruistic volunteers, and the exceptional volunteer management platform, Rosterfy.

Who are Encircle and what do they do?

Encircle, a US-based LGBTQ+ nonprofit, is dedicated to creating a nurturing and empowering environment for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults. Through their network of Community Centers, supported by passionate volunteers, Encircle provides a vital service to individuals aged 12 to 25, as well as their families and communities.

Their comprehensive support includes therapy, group bonding activities, and programs designed to foster a sense of connection, enhance mental well-being, and strengthen community ties.

These invaluable resources, including drop-in hours, daily programs, friendship circles, and therapy sessions, are made possible through generous donations and the selfless commitment of volunteers.

Encircle is more than just a safe haven for LGBTQ+ youth; it is a thriving community that uplifts and empowers individuals from all walks of life.


"Being able to have different volunteers at different checkpoints has made our onboarding process so much smoother. Onboarding was so hard to manage before Rosterfy and now I feel it’s just built in’
- Jessica Benelli, Volunteer & Programming Coordinator, Encircle



The Challenges they face

Dealing with the administrative tasks of managing volunteer applications, screening, and gathering details can be time-consuming and take away valuable hours from supporting the community.

This is true for many nonprofits, including Encircle, who were in need of a solution that not only streamlined administrative tasks but also replaced the need for multiple systems. That's when they discovered Rosterfy, a volunteer management platform that seamlessly integrates into their organization, allowing them to focus more on their mission of uplifting LGBTQ+ youth and less on paperwork.


The biggest difference Rosterfy has made to their organization

The implementation of Volunteer Management Software has transformed how organizations manage their volunteer programs, and Encircle has experienced the remarkable impact of automations and checkpoints firsthand.

With increased visibility into each volunteer's application process, the administrative workload has significantly decreased, saving valuable time and resources. Volunteers now enjoy a seamless journey from expressing interest to their first shift, all managed effortlessly by Rosterfy before Encircle's team even needs to intervene. Checkpoints and tasks can be set at every stage of the application process, allowing Rosterfy to handle the logistics.

In addition, the ability to attach files or documents to a volunteer record has been a much-appreciated feature at Encircle. The customization options of Rosterfy have ensured that they don't have to compromise on their specific needs, providing them with the perfect platform to support their cause.


"A big thing now is we can track data such as the number of shifts filled. We couldn’t track that before without lots of extra work. We can see how many volunteers we have each location and their hours offered"
- Jessica Benelli, Volunteer & Programming Coordinator


How Rosterfy helps Encircle plan for the future

When planning for the future, nonprofits like Encircle must carefully consider the growth of their volunteer program. Will new locations be added? Are there opportunities for new volunteer roles? How will this impact resources and communication within the organization and with volunteers?

These were the key considerations for Encircle, and they have found confidence in Rosterfy's scalable platform that aligns perfectly with their goals.

How Encircle can use reporting to their advantage

One of the most significant transformations that Encircle experienced after implementing Rosterfy is their newfound ability to gather valuable data. In the past, like many nonprofits, they faced challenges in reporting their impact due to either the unavailability of collected data or the resources required for data collection.

However, with Rosterfy, Encircle can now report on metrics that demonstrate the value they bring to their communities and showcase their impact to donors and supporters. Through this volunteer management platform, they can track the total number of shifts filled and hours volunteered, allowing them to even calculate an average hourly rate and determine the monetary value of each location and program. This newfound ability to gather and analyze data has empowered Encircle to showcase their achievements with confidence and make informed decisions for the future.

Jessica their Volunteering & Programming Coordinator, says they can even attribute an average hourly rate and see the monetary value of each location and program because of Rosterfy.

The Rosterfy Impact

Encircle has successfully minimized the administrative tasks associated with volunteer applications, shift scheduling, communication, training, and recognizing volunteer efforts. This streamlined approach allows them to create an exceptional volunteer experience from the very start, ultimately attracting more individuals to join their cause, positively impacting more lives, and strengthening their community.

More on Encircle

If you would like to find out more about Encircle or even offer your time and volunteer to support young LGBTQ+ communities then click here to find out more.



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