Automated workforce management

Rosterfy makes it easy to manage your volunteers and workforce via one centralized system.

With the ability to recruit, screen, train, engage and retain your volunteers, Rosterfy allows you to save time and money so that you can focus on what’s important. Like engaging with your volunteers!

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Control your workflow

Whether you have 10 or 100,000 volunteers or paid staff, Rosterfy is designed to grow with your organization to accommodate your needs.

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Create custom registration forms and follow up question forms that relate to multiple recruitment drives.

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Set up automated screening measures designed to shortlist candidates into groups for consideration and selection.
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Create custom and personalized templated communications for both email and SMS.

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Utilize our inbuilt online training and induction platform to ensure your workforce are engaged and empowered to fulfil your tasks.

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Utilize Rosterfy’s unique Reward & Recognition functionality to engage your volunteers and give back to them in meaningful ways.

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Create custom reports in real time, allowing you to track the success of your program with the click of a button. 

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Engage with your team

Rosterfy's unique volunteer and staff profiles provide a centralized platform to help you better engage with your team. Track events, shifts, communications, training progress, role offers and available rewards all in the one place enhancing the experience for administrators and users alike. 


Simplify scheduling

Track how your roster is progressing in real time with the ability to manage advanced scheduling requirements, filtering by role, qualifications, and/or location. Advanced scheduling can be used in conjunction with Rosterfy’s automations function to automatically schedule based on your exact requirements.

Learn more about Rosterfy's Scheduling & Rostering

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Recruit the right volunteers

Make it easy for your volunteers to register and join your team with the ability to create custom registration forms that allow you to capture important details that will ensure that the right candidates are selected for each shift and/or event.

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"If I didn’t have this tool, I don’t know how I would have been able to manage all the pieces."


Keep track in real time

Keep track of all of your activity in real time, including the status of your roster, training and induction module progress. Rosterfy's custom reports allow you to filter by demographics and geo location, which can be summarised in your own custom dashboard within your account.

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Connect with your favourite tools

Each and every event is unique and with that comes unique requirements. Rosterfy offers customization and flexibility to ensure that your volunteer management program gets the most out of your experience with additional features including:

  • White label customization
  • Advanced automations
  • Database migrations
  • Background checks

Customer Case Studies

Why our clients love Rosterfy

Cancer Council_Rosterfy Case Study

Reduced administrative costs by 20%

Atlanta Super Bowl_Rosterfy Case Study

10,000 volunteers screened and trained

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Creating a lasting legacy         

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