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Case Study: Indiana Sports Corp - Rosterfy

CVB & Sports Commissions - How Indiana Sports Corps increased volunteer engagement & managed over 2,000 volunteers with a small but mighty team! - (3 minutes)

Who are they: Indiana Sports Corp is an NPO that began as the nation’s first Sports commission with a mission to advance its community through sports & events. They have hosted over 450 national and international sporting events over the past 40 years.

Their Needs: Volunteer & staff management. They require upwards of 2,000 volunteers to help host its community events with roles ranging from hospitality and game-day operations through to fan events, youth events, and VIP services. They needed to ensure that their volunteer management program was able to recruit, screen, and train their volunteers, whilst creating a personalized experience.

Their Challenges: Small team with multiple technology tools being used, and they need to streamline their workflows. With a calendar full of events, they needed to ensure their small but mighty team was ready to handle this. 

The Solution: Use Rosterfy Volunteer & Staff management tool to streamline their workflows and optimize their volunteer engagement. Since implementing Rosterfy, Indiana Sports Corp’s time spent on data entry and reporting has gone down significantly while ensuring accuracy across the board. They have also streamlined their Volunteer & Staff’s experience by keeping everything within one system through integrations with a background check provider and on-site management tools.  

If you’d like to learn more about how Rosterfy can work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.