LA Sport & Entertainment Commission Case Study

Take a look at how LASEC implemented a city wide centralized volunteer system to facilitate the recruitment, engagement and retention of thousands of volunteers required to support their community.

LA Sports and Entertainment Commission adopted Rosterfy  in preparation for their ‘decade of events’. With over one million people slated to visit LA’s premier event line up, LASEC invested in a city wide centralized volunteer system to facilitate the recruitment, engagement and retention of thousands of volunteers required to support this massive influx.

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The Background

Los Angeles has one of the world’s most enviable line-ups of marquee sport and entertainment events – in coming years the MLB All-Star Game, the Grammy Awards, Super Bowl LVI, the NCAA Men’s West Regional and College Football National Championship Play-Off, the US Open, the FIFA World Cup in 2026 and Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 2028 will visit LA.

These types of events require volunteers and a lot of them. 

To support their decade of events, LASEC decided to pursue Rosterfy to help streamline their volunteer recruitment and retention efforts by implementing a city wide, centralized volunteer solution. In implementing Rosterfy, LASEC wanted to:

  • Provide a centralized digital solution for volunteers to support the city’s impressive event calendar.
  • A platform that would facilitate maximum engagement through consistent communications and training. 
  • Provide opportunities for personal development and growth of volunteers, tracked through volunteer portals. 
  • Replace manual processes with automations to streamline operations for administrators. 

“Our interest in Rosterfy began because of the thousands of volunteers we’ll be working to recruit, to support our major event schedule over the next decade in Los Angeles. We’re hoping to take advantage of the lead time we have and are learning best practices from other host committees and organizations that have successfully utilized the platform,”

Allison Citelli, Senior Director, Events & Business Development. 


Since implementing Rosterfy, LASEC has already started to reap the rewards of the platform, including an uplift in engagement and increased efficiency. The automation has freed the organization from having to manually manage its volunteer database and led to a better understanding of the volunteers through Rosterfy’s analytics and data tools.

With over 75% of LASEC’s volunteer database consisting of college students, Rosterfy has been utilized to better engage with their youth community by providing:

  • An engaging tech savvy solution that provides a one stop solution to city wide volunteer opportunities
  • Created further opportunities for upskilling including resume development, interview experience, internship opportunities and access to networks. 
  • Access to incentives and rewards via Rosterfy’s Reward & Recognition functionality. 

“Volunteers are often the first touch point that an attendee will have so it’s incredibly important to set expectations around customer service from the start. We are here for the customers. It is our job to make their experience the best it can. With that level of customer service we need to make it fun for the volunteers so there is a balance between education and training and engagement. Rosterfy enables us to provide that balance.”

Karina Herold, Vice President of Events

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