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Learn more about how Rosterfy's payroll functionality can save you time and money when managing your volunteers and staff.

Event payroll doesn’t have to be painful. Rosterfy can help.

Putting on an event is a herculean task. You have countless areas of planning that require your attention, only one of which is your workforce. You need to manage their screening, training, safety requirements, the list goes on. One thing you will need to address is finance and of course, the dreaded task of payroll management.

Rosterfy, a game-changer in the event management field, can simplify the process of collecting and managing your workforce, whatever its size. A self-organised system, Rosterfy will collate and update data for you, having it ready to be passed on to your payroll team, no stress. 

Rosterfy allows you to export a timesheet record of hours worked, pay rate and will even calculate the total amount each person needs to be paid. You can simply send this report to your payroll team with all the information pre-filled. Furthermore, the team at Rosterfy are open to creating custom reports that can be formatted to import information from your current payroll system – a system that works hard to meet your requirements. Swift payment will help you retain your event staff for next year!

The 2018 Summernats Festival is a great example of how well Rosterfy was able to track the huge number of hours workforcers committed to during this event – more than 10,000 hours!

With Rosterfy, Summernats had an overview of all hours worked, even seeing each individual staff members hours worked over the course of the event. This is a small feat when you compare it to last year’s Super Bowl held in Atlanta! Rosterfy helped create over 33,000 shifts with a total of 185,000 volunteer hours worked.

People always read about the statistics of spectator numbers and the economic boost that various large-scale events have. But you also need an easy to read summary of your workforce, their hours worked, and collated payroll data.

And Rosterfy can do just that!   

If you’d like to learn more about how Rosterfy can help you manage your workforce or volunteers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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