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Rosterfy Product Feature: Reference Check Module

Continuing our ongoing commitment to streamline and automate volunteer and paid workforce management, we’re excited to introduce Rosterfy’s newest feature - reference check modules. 

Reference checks are an important part of your screening process. From confirming experience and credentials to work ethic and their ability to perform tasks competently, reference checks provide a great way to validate volunteers. 

Traditionally, screening in the form of reference checks has been largely manual with multiple emails, phone calls and follow up phone calls required to complete a satisfactory check with one or multiple references. Here’s where Rosterfy comes in. 

Rosterfy’s reference check module allows administrators to automatically conduct reference checks with one or more references. Capture references during registration and set up workflows whereby automatic emails are sent to references with a short survey to complete based on your selection criteria. Using our checkpoints functionality, volunteers can progress through to interviews or shift selection once references have been confirmed allowing the volunteer to progress to the next milestone. 

Suitable for large scale mass volunteer and paid workforce programs, Rosterfy’s reference check module is designed to ensure that the right candidates progress through your screening process without burdening your team with additional work.

Check out our video of Rosterfy’s reference check module in action below. 


If you’d like to learn more about how Rosterfy can help you streamline your end to end volunteer or paid workforce management, please get in touch!