Rosterfy explores international waters with Ironman New Zealand

Ironman New Zealand has partnered with Rosterfy to deliver their volunteer management program to streamline recruitment, screening and scheduling.

The iconic Ironman series is one of the largest participation sports platforms in the world. We all know that Ironman athletes are exceptional, but there is a group of people who ensure large-scale events like Ironman are successful.

In 2015 Ironman New Zealand Ltd used EWG Technology’s flagship software Rosterfy to manage over 340 volunteers for the Air New Zealand Queenstown International Marathon.

Ironman (Oceania) Event Director, Nicole Fairweather said, "Rosterfy has streamlined the management of volunteers. It has provided the tools to efficiently manage the event’s volunteer requirements and given the volunteer program a professional look.

“Rosterfy allows volunteers to choose their shift times, locations and roles, rather than us dictating what they need to do. This ensures they are comfortable with their role and can choose a good locality”, Fairweather said.

Using Rosterfy for additional events, Ironman have increased their volunteer database by over 600 in just six months and will look to increase these numbers globally while they take advantage of Rosterfy's simplicity.

Read more about why Ironman chose Rosterfy in our latest blog post.

The partnership will see Rosterfy become the central workforce management solution for all paid staff and volunteers across The IRONMAN Group’s Oceania events.

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