Product Feature Spotlight: Event, Shift & Group Leaders

We take a closer look at Rosterfy’s Event, Shift and Group Leader functionality and how it can be used to enhance your volunteer management program.

Although volunteer managers might act like superheroes and wear many hats, there comes a time when relinquishing control and delegating is essential. It takes an army to deliver a volunteer management program and like any successful team, it’s important to delegate where possible to ensure that your time is spent, where it is needed most. 

Empowering your volunteers and/or staff to take on added responsibilities when it comes to your program not only helps you as an administrator but also your volunteers, with the experience gained a great launch pad for bigger and better things. 

Let’s take a look at how Rosterfy’s Event, Shift and Group Leader functionality can be used to enhance your volunteer management program. 


Assign a Group Leader to drive recruitment

A great way to engage with your community and drive recruitment is through connections with local clubs and organizations. Instead of recruiting at an individual level, a local sports club or rotary may be able to provide a group of volunteers to help your organization and/or cause.

Often with groups, they will want to be kept together. This often means similar roles and shift times as they may even all choose to commute in together to and from your event. 

A great way to engage with groups is through Rosterfy’s Group Manager. Community groups often have a volunteer manager themselves, which is a great resource for you to lean on during your recruitment and management. 

Rosterfy allows you to nominate and set a Group Leader who essentially becomes responsible for managing a certain group of volunteers. The Group Leader will have a unique registration link that they can share with their members to register. They also have access to the Rosterfy portal (specific to their group) and can help allocate them to shifts as defined by you as the Volunteer Manager. 

While this helps you as the administrator, it’s also a huge positive for the Group Leader as they can take control of their groups volunteer experience and ensure that it’s unique to their requirements. 


Delegate check in/out to Event & Shift Leaders

While it’s amazing to meet and greet all of your volunteers in person during check in/out, volunteer managers often find this time incredibly busy with people drawing you in every direction.

A great way to combat this is to assign Event or Shift Leaders! So what’s the difference? 

Event Leaders can check in across multiple shifts within an event. Shift leaders are only allocated check in/out rights for a specific shift.

By providing your volunteers with the added responsibility of acting as a leader you not only free yourself up to make sure everyone is where they need to be but you’re also providing some great leadership experience for your volunteers. 

A win win for all involved!

To check out how to get started with Group, Event & Shift Leaders check out our explainer video here

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