Multiple language requirements? No problemo!

Learn more about Rosterfy's multi-language options and how these can be used by both administrators and volunteers alike.

We understand that volunteer management programs are as diverse as they are different. At Rosterfy, our mission is to connect communities to events and causes they’re passionate about and for many, volunteer opportunities need to extend beyond simply English. 

Whether you have a global workforce program that operates in different countries or you’d like to provide multiple language options for your volunteers within the same country, Rosterfy enables organizations to ensure that volunteers from all backgrounds have the ability to volunteer.

While many volunteer management solutions offer different language options on their registration form, volunteer portals and additional communications often default to the English, making it difficult for volunteers to complete (or even enjoy!) their volunteer experience. Rosterfy’s simple and unique multi language options, allows administrators to select default language options with the click of a button, which volunteers will see reflected in not only their registration form but also their portal and in all subsequent communications (email and SMS). 

Currently Rosterfy offers the below language translations:

  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Don’t see the language you’re looking for? No worries! Rosterfy is constantly updating our product roadmap and can work with our clients to ensure that your preferred language translations are available. 

Real life examples!

Tough Mudder operates globally, allowing volunteers around the world to be a part of ‘the best team in the world’. Rosterfy are fortunate to work with Tough Mudder globally including Tough Mudder USA, Tough Mudder Australia, Tough Mudder UK and Tough Mudder Germany. While the US, Australia and UK all utilize Rosterfy’s English translations, Tough Mudder Germany uses our German language translations. 

Another great example of Rosterfy’s multi-language options is utilzed by our clients at Le Champion - Hollands largest event management company. With their events held throughout Holland, and English and Dutch both the prefered language, they chose to give their volunteers the option to choose which language they would like to receive their communications via in order to ensure that communications were clear and consistent at all times. 

If you'd like to learn more about Rosterfy's language options, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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