Investing in volunteers: Maximising strategic support and development

Learn how to meet the highest standards with recommended practices and elevate your organisation's impact through effective volunteer management.

For most non profit organisations, the value of volunteerism cannot be overstated. A thriving volunteer program helps drive the organisation’s core mission and serves as an avenue for developing community engagement and fuelling sustainable growth.

At the heart of this lies the recognition of volunteers as invaluable contributors who are vital to the success of the organisation.

In the United Kingdom, a volunteer's time has been valued at an impressive £13.70 an hour. While volunteers selflessly offer their time and expertise without monetary compensation, the true reach of their impact extends far beyond mere numbers. To capitalise on the value of volunteers, organisations should seize the opportunity to invest in their volunteer programs as a strategic priority.

The benefits and positive impact volunteers bring to non profits are immense. From increasing community outreach to growing fundraising capability, volunteers often emerge as the driving force behind an organisation’s success. Through strategic investment in volunteer programs, non profits can reward the dedication of their volunteers and create a path forward to bring improvements to the organisation and the communities it serves.


Volunteer engagement and ROI

Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of investing in volunteers. Investing in volunteers involves allocating resources to training, tools, and support for volunteers, which ultimately leads to a more skilled and capable volunteer workforce. In the long term, this investment pays dividends by enabling volunteers to take on more complex and impactful roles, reducing the need for additional staff or paid contractors.

The process of investing in volunteers involves refining all aspects of volunteer management, everything from the initial recruitment process to ongoing and lasting engagement with volunteers. By channelling resources into volunteer management, organisations can improve the experience of volunteers and their level of participation in the organisation. Improved levels of involvement translate into higher productivity and quality of work, leading to better outcomes, project success and in some cases, even enhanced brand reputation. 

While it may not be as quantifiable as financial investments, the return on investment from investing in volunteers is significant and far-reaching. Investing in volunteers helps them feel supported, appreciated, and valued. Increased engagement with volunteers leads to higher rates of volunteer retention. This results in volunteers who are motivated to continue to contribute their time, skills, and expertise to the organisation. Engaged volunteers often share their experiences within their networks and attract like-minded individuals to the organisation, resulting in an expanded volunteer and donor base.

Investing in volunteers isn't a one-time commitment; it spans the entire volunteer lifecycle. When volunteers perceive their contributions as valued, their commitment to the organisation deepens over time. Given the costs associated with recruiting and training new volunteers, retaining volunteers is of critical importance. Organisations that invest in volunteer retention reap the benefits of experience, organisational knowledge, and a stable volunteer workforce.

A significant advantage of investing in volunteers is the potential to cut down on manual processes. Volunteer management often involves a multitude of administrative tasks, from recruitment and training to scheduling and communication. By leveraging volunteer management tools and automation software, organisations can streamline these processes, saving time and reducing the administrative burden on staff. This increased efficiency improves the overall volunteer experience and allows organisations to focus on strategic tasks and project execution. Investing in the right digital solutions can lead to smoother operations, quicker response times, and enhanced data management, contributing to a more seamless and effective volunteer program overall.


Investing in your volunteers


How to better invest in volunteers

To better invest in volunteers, it's crucial to pinpoint where their contributions can make the most significant impact. Identifying areas of an organisation that require additional staffing can lead to more effective resource allocation. Consider roles that are critical but perhaps understaffed, such as event management, community outreach, or skill-specific projects. By strategically placing volunteers where their skills align with organisational needs, their efforts can deliver enhanced outcomes.

Volunteer engagement should be recognised as a core strategy of the organisation rather than an isolated activity. Supporting activities like training and professional development for volunteers can enhance the effectiveness of a volunteer’s involvement with the organisation. 

Cost considerations play a pivotal role in volunteer investment. Allocating resources to volunteer engagement involves more than just monetary commitment; it's about carving out the right budget for the right initiatives. For instance, funds can be directed towards volunteer management software, training programs, or tools that facilitate efficient communication and coordination. By integrating these technologies, organisations can streamline processes and reduce the manual processing required by staff. This has the potential for huge cost-savings for tasks like application administration, which Rosterfy has found amounts to approximately 48 hours a month per volunteer manager.


Saving more, doing less

For an organisation to receive high levels of recognition for its volunteer program, strategic decisions are required. By investing in the right tools, you not only empower volunteers but also streamline your operations, enhancing the efficiency of every process. With Rosterfy's comprehensive volunteer management platform, you can provide a seamless experience that rewards your volunteers' dedication. 

Rosterfy goes beyond simplifying administrative tasks. By centralising communication, scheduling, and engagement, Rosterfy allows you to allocate your organisation's resources more strategically. The time saved on manual processes can be redirected towards core activities, driving project outcomes and increasing the organisation’s impact.

Rosterfy's volunteer management solution can enhance your organisation's cost-effectiveness. With streamlined volunteer management, you can optimise resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenditures. This investment in efficiency extends beyond financial savings; it translates into a more engaged volunteer community. Volunteers who experience seamless coordination and meaningful roles are more likely to stay committed, leading to a culture focused on long-term and sustained impact.


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