5 reasons to use a Volunteer Management Software provider that holds data locally

By ensuring your volunteer management software provider stores volunteer data in the country of origin will ensure you can meet compliance.

Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting organisations and making a positive difference in their communities. Managing a dynamic and diverse group of volunteers can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to storing and accessing their sensitive data.

In today's digital landscape, where protecting data privacy and ensuring security are top priorities, choosing a volunteer management software provider that stores data locally can offer numerous benefits.

The regulations around the storage and usage of data are often referred to as Data Residency Regulations. These regulations are quickly gaining attention among organizations that handle personal information, leading many of them to seek assistance from software providers in managing and complying with these regulations.

Without the right tools, this can become an even more daunting endeavor so we've shared 5 reasons why you should use a volunteer management software provider that holds data locally.

What are Data Residency Regulations?

Before we share our 5 reasons why you should look for a software provider that holds your data locally, it's important to get an understanding why local data laws are important.

Data security regulations differ from one country to another, with South East Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, and North America having stringent policies regarding the usage, storage, and sharing of both public and commercial data.

Data Residency Regulations for volunteer programs

These regulations are referred to as Data Residency Regulations.

If you are managing a volunteer program that holds public data it's important that you understand the importance of one key aspect of these rules and that's those around the storage or housing of that data. 

Typically these data laws cover the following data protected GDPR, many of which you may hold within your volunteer program:

  • Name
  • Location Data
  • Physical Attributes
  • Health Information
  • Other online personal identifiers such as IP Address
  • Economic, ethnic, or social identity of a person
  • Identification numbers

The need to meet these laws is only going to become more important as these laws tighten and it's the reason why many local cities and government programs turn to Rosterfy to help them manage their volunteer programs.

Our platform holds the data in the country of origin and adhere's to the most strict regulations available in any country, so you can be confident you might compliance wherever your program takes place.

5 reasons to use a volunteer volunteer software provider that holds data locally


Volunteers are the backbone of many organizations helping them fulfill their missions and make a positive impact in their communities. Managing a diverse and ever-changing pool of volunteers can be a daunting task and managing the storing and access of sensitive data can be even more challenging without the right tools. 

This is where volunteer management software comes into play providing organizations with the necessary resources to efficiently recruit onboard schedule and communicate with volunteers. 

In the digital age where data privacy and security are of utmost importance opting for a volunteer management software provider that holds data in the country of origin can bring significant advantages. 

Here are five reasons to use a Volunteer Management Software provider that holds data in your country

1. Data Privacy and Security

One of the primary concerns when using any kind of software including volunteer management platforms is data privacy and security. 

By choosing a provider that holds data in the country of origin organisations can ensure compliance with local data protection laws and regulations. This approach fosters a higher level of trust and peace of mind knowing that sensitive volunteer information is subject to stringent data protection protocols enforced within the organisation's own jurisdiction.

2. Legal Compliance

Data protection legislation varies across different countries. By selecting a software provider that stores data in the country of origin organisations can ensure compliance with applicable laws such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Adhering to these regulations not only protects volunteers' personal information but also safeguards the organization from potential legal implications and fines. By aligning the storage of data with the jurisdiction's requirements organizations demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices and accountability.

3. Faster Access and Response Times

When data is stored within the country of origin organizations can benefit from faster access and response times. By operating within the same jurisdiction the volunteer management software provider can optimize its infrastructure to ensure speed and reliability. 

This means that organizations can quickly retrieve volunteer-related information create reports and respond to inquiries enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime. 

Faster access to data can empower organisations to make timely decisions and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

4. Enhanced Collaboration and Support

Proximity between the organization and the software provider can foster enhanced collaboration and support. 

When data is held within the country of origin it becomes easier for organizations to establish direct lines of communication with the provider's support team. This facilitates quick troubleshooting customization and feature enhancement requests. 

Close collaboration ensures that the software aligns with the organisation's specific needs and requirements resulting in a more tailored and effective volunteer management solution.

5. Cultural Understanding and Localisation

Operating within the same country provides the software provider with an inherent understanding of the organization's culture and context. 

This understanding can be reflected in the software's features and functionalities making it more intuitive and user-friendly for the organization's staff and volunteers. 

Localisation efforts can further enhance the user experience by offering language options currency conversions and compliance with local regulations ultimately fostering better adoption and engagement among users.


When it comes to managing volunteers effectively and securely opting for a volunteer management software provider that holds data in the country of origin can bring numerous advantages. 

From data privacy and legal compliance to faster access and enhanced collaboration organisations can benefit from leveraging the expertise and proximity of a local provider. In an increasingly interconnected world the importance of safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance cannot be overstated. 

By choosing a software provider that aligns with your organisation's jurisdiction you can set the foundation for smooth and efficient volunteer management while prioritising privacy and security.



How Rosterfy manages your volunteer data

Rosterfy holds data in the country of origin. This is particularly important for nonprofits, charities, cities and local government where national laws dictate that sensitive data needs to be housed locally.

Volunteers, much like many of the general public are very aware of the rules around their personal data. Adhering to these local data privacy laws ensure you can continue to build trust with your workforce. 

We advise any customers of Rosterfy to ensure when they write their data policy they include that Rosterfy adheres to GDPR and local data laws to ensure clarity on this matter.

By choosing Rosterfy you’ll ensure your volunteer data is stored securely and meetings local data policies. 

Connecting communities with a volunteer program

A volunteer program is a great way to develop stronger connections within communities and it's some that many local government and cities look to implement, fund and support each year.

To ensure they are able to create a lasting legacy, keep volunteers engaged and run their programs effectively they turn to Rosterfy.

If you're interested in starting a centralised volunteer program and don't know where to start or you wish to expand and improve your current program then check out our free white paper by clicking here.

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