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Rosterfy signs 2020 Democratic National Convention

Rosterfy are excited to announce that they will be working with the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee to provide the centralized workforce management platform for the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Milwaukee.

The DNC provides the city of Milwaukee with a chance to showcase the city’s community and diversity with an expected 50,000 visitors across the four days. Selected due to its specialist expertise and their successes with major events worldwide, Rosterfy will be used by the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee to recruit, screen and train upwards of 15,000 volunteers for the convention.   

Dominic Leyden, Head of Sales and Business Development, Rosterfy USA is excited to be working with the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee to deliver such a dynamic event. 

“Volunteers continue to play such an integral role in any major event and the DNC will be no different. The Rosterfy team are really excited that our platform will be used by one of the largest and most important events in the US calendar this year to help engage the local community to get involved.”

In addition to the workforce management of the DNC, Rosterfy has partnered with the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee to ensure that Rosterfy is used beyond the convention to ensure a lasting legacy within the community. This includes a concentrated effort to engage Milwaukee residents for any additional Rosterfy resourcing, ongoing Rosterfy licensing as well a commitment to implementing an action plan that aligns with the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee’s values on diversity and equality. 

“Supporting and creating a legacy for the cities that we work with is what really drives us at Rosterfy and it is so important when looking at major events holistically. While Rosterfy will play an integral role in the workforce management of the DNC it will continue to be used by the city of Milwaukee, with Rosterfy providing a free 12 month license to the value of $10,000 to a selected local charity to help them manage their workforce more effectively.” Leyden said. 

Neisha Blandin, Vice President of Engagement and Opportunity, Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee 2020 shares Roserfy’s enthusiasm. 

“The 2020 Democratic National Convention will be powered by a diverse and engaged team of 15,000 volunteers, and ensuring those volunteers have a seamless online experience is critical to our work at the Host Committee,” said Blandin. “With their proven success working on major events of this size, along with their commitment to helping us create a lasting legacy on the Milwaukee community, it’s clear that Rosterfy was the right selection for our volunteer management software.”

The DNC 2020 will take place from July 13 through to July 16. Volunteer applications are now closed.

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