Rosterfy is selected as The Volunteer Management Solution to the Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022

Rosterfy has been selected as the volunteer management solution for the Virtus Oceania Games which will take place in Brisbane, Australia - November 2022.

Rosterfy is proud to announce that they have been selected as the volunteer management solution for the Virtus Oceania Asia Games which will take place in Brisbane, Australia - November 2022. 

Elite athletes with an intellectual impairment across the Oceania and Asia regions will compete in this international multi-sport event. It includes the sports of athletics, badminton, basketball, cycling, judo, rowing, sailing, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis &; triathlon.

At the OA Games 2022, athlete classification is available for the sports of athletics, swimming, and table tennis which is the first step to pursuing a pathway for participants to the Paralympics. 


Rosterfy will be implemented to support the end-to-end user experience for volunteers including recruitment, screening and training through to scheduling, communications and onsite management.

Robyn Smith, Oceania Asia Games 2022 Organising Committee and Sport Inclusion Australia CEO said,  “A major event like this can’t happen without the support of hundreds of volunteers and we want to provide a really engaging, professional and fun experience for our volunteers.

Having the right volunteer management solution is incredibly important so that our volunteers feel valued and engaged on their journey with us from start to finish.

We were looking for a system that enables us to be more efficient in managing the day-to-day volunteer shifts and save time and money for our organising committee. That’s why we selected Rosterfy.”

In particular, the OA Games 2022 team is excited to use Rosterfy’s training functionality to ensure that their volunteers are armed with the knowledge and confidence to perform at their best.

Shannan Gove, Co-Founder of Rosterfy said, “Our mission is to connect communities to events and causes individuals are passionate about and events like the OA Games 2022 provide a great opportunity to do just that.”

We feel extremely grateful to have the chance to work alongside the OA Games 2022 team to be able to provide a platform that promotes inclusivity by simplifying the volunteering experience.”

With experience working alongside some of the biggest mass participation programs worldwide including World Expo, The Birmingham Commonwealth Games, Special Olympics World Games and The Super Bowl, Rosterfy is acknowledged as the appropriate supporter for OA Games 2022 and the hundreds of volunteers.

Applications for the OA Games 2022 Volunteer Program are now open. Volunteers can apply directly, here. Keep up to date via their website, here

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