Top 5 things you could be doing if your job wasn’t consumed by manual processes

Take a look at the top five things you could be doing if your day wasn’t consumed with manual processes.

Do you ever feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the days when it comes to managing your volunteer program? You’re not alone. Volunteer managers give 120% when it comes to providing their volunteers with the best possible experience but that often comes at a cost. Maybe a few too many late nights in the office? Too much tossing and turning at night as you stress about filling your roster? Or missed opportunities to really connect and get to know your volunteers?

If this sounds like you, we've got someone we’d like you to meet. Say hello to your new best friend, Rosterfy. 

Technology like Rosterfy allows organizations and workforce managers to replace manual processes with automations. Let’s face it, you probably weren’t hired because you’re good at sending bcc emails and managing excel spreadsheets. Volunteer managers are more often than not employed because of their sensational people skills, which is something many managers struggle to find time for. If you had technology to help you automatically screen and schedule your volunteers, whilst sending engaging personalized communications what would you do with your spare time? Well, we’ve got some ideas. 

We’ve pulled together a list of the top five things you could be doing if your day wasn’t consumed with manual processes.


#1 Spending more time getting to know your volunteers.

Top 5 things you could be doing with more time #1

The single biggest reason to consider volunteer management technology is to give you more time to concentrate on getting to know your volunteers. 

By taking the time to learn who your volunteers are as individuals, you not only make your volunteers feel valued but you also gain great insights into their motivations and also the skills that they can bring to your organization. They might be able to help with something you’d never even consider asking for assistance with!

This allows you to create a workforce program that reflects the wants and needs of your team. Maybe the majority of your volunteers are students who are searching for additional training opportunities or possibly, they consist of corporates who require greater flexibility when it comes to volunteering on an adhoc basis to accommodate their day job?

By speaking to your volunteers and staff you build up a rapport, which makes your volunteers and staff feel like they truly are a part of your team. 


#2 Spending more time doing the things you love!

Top 5 things you could do with more time #2

Manual processes are all consuming. They’re mundane and time consuming, which can often mean late nights in the office doing something that you have no passion for. Let’s flip that narrative. 

If technology was able to take care of your manual processes, maybe you could leave work on time more often. Allow you to have dinner with your family, go to the gym or finally try and learn that new language you’ve never had time for. 

While your day will be spent concentrating on really connecting and engaging with your volunteers and staff (which we’re assuming is what you love most anyway) you’ll also feel more fulfilled outside of work too. A win win in our eyes!


#3 Commercializing your rewards program through sponsors

Things you could be doing if you had more time #3

Organizations are doing some really cool things when it comes to their volunteer programs, including commercializing it. 

By implementing a reward and recognition program, which rewards your volunteers with merchandise, tickets and/or apparel in exchange for their time spent volunteering you’re already taking a great step towards further engaging your volunteers. 

With your extra spare time though you might want to take your program one step further by securing a sponsor (or sponsors!) to help fill your rewards inventory with items your volunteers will love.

Consider once in a lifetime experiences, their favorite products or meal vouchers at the best restaurants in town. 

These types of rewards can be funded by sponsors to help you not only recruit volunteers but to also maintain them as they continue to volunteer with you. . 

Rosterfy prides itself on our unique Reward and Recognition offering, allowing you to incentivize volunteering through the use of rewards, which can be redeemed in exchange for hours or shifts volunteered. Check out our Reward and Recognition functionality to learn more. 


#4 Take the time to present to your local university and/or college to recruit new volunteers

Things you could be doing if you had more time #4

Been bogged down in the doing that you haven’t had time to connect with your community? With your extra time, why not consider connecting with your local university or college about joining your organization as a volunteer.

With so many volunteer opportunities available, it’s important to put your name out there and make real and personal connections. Students are a great way to connect with a younger audience who bring passion and new ways of thinking when it comes to your program. 

Not sure where to get started? Check out Rosterfy’s Guide to Implementing a Volunteer Recruitment Strategy here


#5 Sleeping well. 

Things you could be doing if you had more time #5

We mentioned it before but stress does crazy things to the body and that can often result in a bad night's sleep (and difficulty functioning the next day). 

With manual processes taken care of you can spend that extra time concentrating on a well informed recruitment strategy and with more volunteer applications, being auto screened and scheduled we’re confident you’ll sleep like a baby. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Rosterfy can help you replace manual processes with automations, feel free to get in touch today. 

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