Rosterfy signs Colorado State University

Rosterfy partners with Colorado State University to deliver their SLiCE program to connect their student volunteers and alumni with their community.

Rosterfy is excited to be working with Colorado State University to deliver their Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) program to connect their student volunteers and alumni with their community. 

With numerous existing university and education clients worldwide, Rosterfy’s technology enables universities and colleges to create an ongoing legacy through a digital solution that allows for end to end volunteer engagement, whilst saving time and money.

Having recently moved their US Headquarters to Denver, Dominic Leyden, Head of Sales in the US is thrilled to have CSU signed as a client of Rosterfy working with them to understand their challenges and create a plan to better connect with their students using digital tools. 

Engagement and personalization is essential when it comes to volunteering. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and bulk emails. Volunteers are looking for a unique experience that is not only user-friendly, but one that acknowledges and supports their motivation for volunteering,” Leyden said. 

“By creating a culture of volunteering whilst students are in college, universities and colleges increase their likelihood of students returning as alumni to volunteer in the future. By implementing a system that is user friendly, that recognizes and rewards its volunteers and does so in a safe and secure manner, goes a long way to ensuring a strong database of volunteers who are willing to help.”

The SLiCE program runs events from all shapes and sizes from large scale and annual service events to smaller scale community engagement programs so having an army of volunteers to power their team is essential, says Sarah Stephens, Senior Program Coordinator of Engagement, SLiCE. 

"We coordinate dozens to thousands of volunteers at a time, and yet our processes have entailed a great deal of manual work over the years that were beginning to feel quite antiquated and difficult.  Though we have access to other online, electronic resources, we extensively researched volunteer management systems that would specifically fit our needs in versatile and valuable ways. Rosterfy quickly rose to the top.” Stephens said. 

While the technology itself enticed the team behind SLiCE to choose Rosterfy, they are already seeing positive reactions from their Gen Z students, who are very receptive to a digital centralized system. 

Stephens continued. “Our students find Rosterfy visually appealing and enjoy the volunteer portal, where they can find all communications, as well as certificates of completion, and words of gratitude before, during, and after volunteering.”

For inquiries about Rosterfy in the US, please contact the team here.

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