Product Feature Spotlight: Events Near Me

Learn more about Rosterfy's latest product feature: ‘Events Near Me’, which allows volunteers to search for opportunities via an address, location and/or postcode.

Finding volunteer opportunities is one thing. Finding opportunities that are nearby is another thing altogether. At Rosterfy we understand that limiting the boundaries to volunteering is integral for any successful volunteer management program. With that said, meet your new best friend.

Rosterfy’s newest addition, ‘Events Near Me’ allows volunteers to search for volunteer opportunities via an address, location and/or postcode. This search criteria then ensures that only volunteer opportunities within the volunteers geographic location will show up.

By showcasing opportunities that are close geographically to your volunteers, you are likely to find your attendance rates improving with transport, traffic and cost inhibitors removed from the equation. 

Keen to see ‘Events Near Me’ in action? Check out our step by step video below.


If you’d like to learn more about Rosterfy’s ‘Events Near Me’ functionality alongside our other great automated features, please don’t hesitate to contact us

*To set up ‘Events Near Me’, administrators will need to set up their own Google Maps API, and insert it into their Account Settings under Advanced Settings. We recommend chatting with your CS Manager if you’d like to set this up.

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