Libertarian Party Selects Rosterfy to Revolutionise Volunteer Engagement & Management

The Libertarian Party, partners with Rosterfy to help scale their volunteer program to reach new heights.

Melbourne, November 16, 2023 — The Libertarian Party, a prominent political organisation in Australia, is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Rosterfy, global leaders in volunteer management software. This partnership will empower the Libertarian Party to enhance the experience of their vast and dedicated volunteer base, ensuring greater efficiency and engagement throughout the nation.

With over 1,500 paid members and 20,000 volunteers on their database, the Libertarian Party relies on their volunteers to support the State and Federal election campaigns as well as fundraising endeavors throughout the year. 

Having used a mix of manual methods in the past, including spreadsheets and temporary solutions, to manage its volunteer programs, The Party decided to engage Rosterfy to ensure a consistent and engaging experience for their volunteers around the country. 

Jordan Dittloff, Federal Secretary of the Libertarian Party, highlighted their excitement about this partnership, stating, “For us the hardest feedback to hear from volunteers was that “I indicated that I’d be willing to volunteer and then never heard back.” As an organisation that’s had a lot of growth in a short space of time, our volunteer program has scaled quickly and we need to keep up. Rosterfy will ensure that we don’t disappoint our volunteers and give them the experience that they deserve.” 

“Rosterfy will enable us to address our volunteers' needs, offer specialized training, and maintain their engagement with efficient communication channels that extend beyond just email. This partnership represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing an exceptional volunteer experience," he continued. 

Shannan Gove, Co Founder at Rosterfy, expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, "We are delighted to partner with the Libertarian Party to help streamline and enhance their volunteer management. Systems like Rosterfy are critically important for organizations like Libertarian Party that are scaling quickly. Our automations functionality ensures that processes for screening, onboarding and training are extensive and compliant without the need to increase internal headcounts to support a successful national program.”

With multiple state teams relying on volunteers to manage their programs, Rosterfy will offer invaluable resources to help recruit, screen, schedule, and train teams within specific areas. This partnership marks a momentous step in the Libertarian Party’s  journey towards more effective and consistent volunteer management.


About Rosterfy: 

Rosterfy is the leading global volunteer management platform, committed to helping organizations across various industries optimize their volunteer programs. Rosterfy's all-in-one solution streamlines volunteer recruitment, engagement, and management, providing an improved volunteer experience and better outcomes for organizations. With a global presence, Rosterfy is trusted by leading brands and events worldwide.

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