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Hear from Geosnapshot's, Angela Dunn about how they have been working with nonprofits, sporting clubs and events to tackle the pandemic in different ways.



It’s a uniquely tough time for nonprofits and events right now. After the initial shock of the globe shutting down, many are now taking advantage of new, emerging opportunities. The team at GeoSnapShot has been working with nonprofits, sporting clubs and events to tackle the pandemic in slightly different ways, in order to emerge stronger and ready for growth.

Abundance of new volunteers

A silver lining from the pandemic is the outpouring of volunteers who want to support their local community. From grocery store runs for the elderly, to sewing face masks and volunteering at food kitchens, this new willingness to volunteer can bring with it an opportunity to recruit new volunteers for your organisation.

New ways to digital fundraise

A second opportunity that has emerged is from the need for nonprofits to pivot from their traditional fundraising activities. The monthly benchmarking of 40 charities in Australia by Donor Republic and Moore Strategic found a staggering 62% decline in funds raised from charity events in April 2020, compared to same time in the previous year. Nonprofits need to think more like startups, react to current trends, and as a result we may see new, dynamic ways to fundraise.

Get ready for an events boom

A third opportunity for nonprofits and events is that people are raring to get off the home treadmill and participate in their favourite sports events. After the Global Financial Crisis, mass participation sporting events experienced a participation boom, and many are predicting a similar boom after Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. Now is the time to engage participants using event photography to inspire them!


GeoSnapShot is being used by events and nonprofits to engage volunteers and participants, and to generate new digital revenue.

GeoSnapShot enables organisations like yours to sell, or share free event photos, through their own website. 


Reconnect and grow your audience

All events and nonprofits have a bank of event photos. Using GeoSnapShot, volunteers and participants can find all the photos taken of them, at their favourite event, by simply uploading a selfie. All glammed up at a gala ball, or completing a PB at a mass challenge event, participants can find all their photos in just seconds, from a single source. No need to trawl through thousands of photos or provide a bib number. 


Tough Mudder Selfiie Search

"Tough Mudder recently started using GeoSnapShot. Tough Mudder participants are often barely recognizable due to the unavoidable head-toe coating of mud inherent to the competition, and yet GeoSnapShot’s face recognition is successful. Reliving the memories made is vital to our participants and GeoSnapShot has an outstanding global photography platform that provides the best solution for every Tough Mudder event worldwide” commented Tough Mudder’s VP of Live Events, Johnny Little.


For mass challenge events that are going “virtual” during Covid-19, connecting with previous participants through past event photography is a way to re-engage with them, and inspire them to take part in a new virtual challenge event. 

Couple GeoSnapShot’s fun selfie AI photo search, with a social media tagging challenge, and you can exponentially grow your audience using the reach of social media.

For volunteers, GeoSnapShot provides a way that they can find the photos taken of them, alongside with their volunteer friends, making a difference and feeling valued at their favourite volunteering event. GeoSnapShot provides a fun way to keep your volunteers keen, and by sharing their photos on social media, your volunteers will inspire a new audience to join your volunteer workforce, to have fun and be social.

New digital revenue

Event photography is traditionally outsourced to a photo agency who profits from the photo sales. At GeoSnapShot, we see this is a lost opportunity for events and nonprofits. 


GeoSnapShot empowers nonprofits and events to sell event photography, through their website, with the revenue from the photos sales going directly to the nonprofit, charity or event. 


By using skilled volunteer photographers, nonprofits maximise the revenue generated by the digital photo sales. 

Happy sponsors, happy life

GeoSnapShot is also helping nonprofits and events to retain and delight their event sponsors by adding their sponsor’s logo to the digitally downloaded photos, to publicly thank their sponsor for their support.

Sell photos through your website

The GeoSnapShot photo viewing pages are customisable and easily embedded in the event or nonforprofits own website, for a seamless buyer journey - it’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video!

Start generating revenue today

You need not wait for the pandemic to pass to start earning revenue from your event photography. Many nonprofits and events are selling their digital photos, which they previously archived, as a way to generate new revenue - and their participants are buying! 

At GeoSnapShot, we believe events are the lifeblood of the community, bringing volunteers together and creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. During the Covid-19 crisis, GeoSnapShot is offering 3 months free for all Rosterfy customers, to help them earn new digital revenue and grow engagement through their event photos.

It takes just a couple of minutes to get started - or simply reach out to learn more.

Angela Dunn

Head of Partnerships and Customer Success at GeoSnapShot, Angela has had over 15 years experience working with mass participation and sporting events of all sizes, nonprofits and tech start-ups.

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