Automate your volunteer management

Rosterfy makes it easy to manage your volunteers via one centralized system.

With the ability to recruit, screen, schedule, train and retain your volunteers, Rosterfy allows you to save time and money so that you can focus on what’s important. Like engaging with your volunteers!

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Over 1 million volunteers and staff use Rosterfy worldwide

Control your workflow

Rosterfy allows customers to automate their end to end workflow for their workforce to decrease time spent on manual processes and increase focus on more productive outcomes like growing and retaining their workforce database.. 

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Create digital forms and follow up question forms that relate to multiple recruitment drives.

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Automatically screen, onboard and progress your workforce through your workflow.

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Use advanced scheduling to automatically roster workforce based on their skills, preferences and availability.
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Utilize our online training modules to ensure your workforce are engaged and empowered to fulfil your tasks.

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Gamify your program with Reward & Recognition allowing you to give back in meaningful ways.

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Create custom reports and dashboards allowing you to better understand the ROI of your program. 

Why consider Rosterfy?


Automated workflows. 

Utilize Rosterfy's automations functionality to help decrease time consuming manual processes by 40%.

Simplify Scheduling

Simplify scheduling. 

Manage your volunteers, contractors and casual and full time staff from one centralized platform with custom workflows available for each group. 

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Integrate with your favourite tools.

From background checks to integrating with your CRM, Rosterfy allows you to connect with your favourite tools to ensure you get the most out of your workforce. 

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Customer Case Studies

Why our clients love Rosterfy

Cancer Council

Reduced administrative costs by 20%

Atlanta Super Bowl Volunteers

10,000 volunteers screened and trained

Indiana Sports Corp

Creating a lasting legacy within the community       

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