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AMPSEA's Chris Heverin, Susan Calvert and Brendon Downey provide an update on the latest at AMPSEA and invite the audience to join in an open Q&A session.

The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an immediate and unprecedented impact on the mass participation sports events industry. This has resulted in a historic number of event cancellations and postponements, loss of jobs and subsequent economic impact on the secondary industries that service these events.

The industry comprises thousands of independent event operators and related suppliers that rely on registrations and corporate sponsorships to facilitate operations, pay employees and produce events. The full effect of the COVID-19 impact has yet to be realised. However long the pandemic continues, bans on mass gatherings (including mass participation sporting events) are likely to stay in effect (for the short to medium term at least).

The AMPSEA Alliance has been formed with the purpose of presenting a collective voice to lobby Government to provide relief and support for our industry and to advocate for Alliance members. This document forms the guidance, COVID-19 risk identification and mitigation and a road map for the way forward.

AMPSEA Executive Committee members Chris Heverin, Susan Calvert and Brendon Downey provide an update on the latest at AMPSEA and invite the audience to join in an open Q & A session to cover your most important topics, including AMPSEA's approach to government funding, event permitting and the future of AMPSEA.

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Speaker Bios

Chris Robb, CEO, Mass Participation Asia

Chris Robb is the author of the book ‘Mass Participation Sports Events’; a highly sought after International Speaker; Advisor and Founder & CEO of Mass Participation World. It has always been Chris’s belief that our greatest opportunity to grow and learn comes from times of extreme pressure.

His first business was started with a few thousand dollars, six months after emigrating to Australia. The business grew into a multi-million-dollar international company which was sold to IRONMAN.

He has been at the helm of some of the biggest mass events, including the Singapore Marathon, with 60,000 participants.


Chris Heverin, Managing Director, Spartan Australia

 Managing Director of Initiative Group for 25 years – mass participation events specialists – turn-key delivery on all elements of event management.

Has been contracted across major international events such as Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, professional sport, AFL Cricket Australia, NBL.

Owner and operator for ten years of world’s largest Mountain Bike stage race, Cape to Cape MTB, Australian licensee for Spartan Race. Industry leader across events tourism and destination marketing.


Susan Calvert, CEO and Non Executive Director

Susan has 25 years professional experience working in both the private and public sectors in business management, strategic policy, innovation, infrastructure and international roles leading NSW Trade & Investment as an Executive Director in the NSW Government


Brendon Downey, General Manager, The Event Crew

Brendon has been involved in triathlons for over 25 years, initially as a NZ representative. Brendon then moved into a successful coaching career, including guiding Olympic representatives in his role as Sports Development and High Performance Manager of TriNZ. With over 20 years involvement in the delivery large (25,000+ participants) and small scale events, Brendon’s experience in event management is extensive.

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