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Where to post volunteer opportunities Copy

New to volunteering? It can be an overwhelming experience trying to find the best place to start when it comes to selecting the right event and/or cause to volunteer with. That’s why organizations need to make sure that their volunteer opportunities are unique, engaging and most importantly, easy to find. 

We have put together some of the best volunteer recruitment websites, which can be used by events, not for profits and charities to ensure their volunteer opportunities are fulfilled. 

  1. Volunteer Match. Thousands of non for profits use Volunteer Match to promote their volunteer opportunities, allowing volunteers to filter and search by location and roles available. Volunteer Match does have a free version as well as a premium version for $99 annually which provides opportunities to boost your listing. 
  2. It’s free to post volunteer opportunities on Volunteers can tailor their search based on their location, availability and/or skills, connecting them to the best volunteer opportunities available.
  3. Jobs Board. Organizations like SEEK and Indeed allow you to post volunteer opportunities, where similar to Idealist and Volunteer Match you can search based on location, role and/or skills.
  4. Company Website. Set up a dedicated page on your company website reserved for information specific to your volunteers including opportunities available and how to start volunteering with your organization. 
  5. Volunteer Portal. Platforms like Rosterfy can be utilized to allow volunteers to set up their own unique volunteer portal, making it easy for administrators to post volunteer opportunities specific to a certain geographic location or skillset, making it really simple for volunteers to find the best opportunities to engage with.