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Rosterfy's Co Founder, Bennett Merriman recently caught up with the team at Ticker TV to discuss Rosterfy's Attendance Tracking solution.

As sporting clubs around the world get ready for a safe return to sport, Rosterfy's Co Founder, Bennett Merriman recently spoke with the team at Ticker TV to discuss Rosterfy's Attendance Tracking solution.

Enabling sporting clubs and professional teams including the likes of Hockey Australia, Rosterfy's Attendance Tracking solution is providing clubs with the ability to record, check in and out and report attendance across players, coaches, administrators, parents and volunteers to ensure that communities play their part in keeping our communities safe from COVID-19.

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How it works:

On-site check in

Choose from your preferred device including mobile, tablet and desktop and make check in simple with features including geo fencing and QR codes.

Track the status of your check across multiple events, venues and/or locations both onsite or remotely and react accordingly with the ability to reassign volunteers and staff based on attendance rates. 


Rosterfy’s new geofencing solution has been designed to enable organizations to facilitate check in and check out within a certain geographic zone. Why is this important? In an era of social distancing and reduced crowd density, things like long lines at a check in counter are a thing of the past. While geofencing is a great solution to ensuring COVID compliancy, it is also a great solution to managing a remote workforce. 

Sounds pretty neat huh? Keen to learn more about how Rosterfy can work for you? Get in touch today!

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